49ers prevail the Eagles, who are unable to stage another comeback


Sunday’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers was a lopsided 42-19 victory for the Philadelphia Eagles, who had been living on the edge for weeks. The Eagles’ inconsistent play eventually got the best of them.

“We’re not good enough right now,” said Jason Kelce, a seasoned center for the Eagles. “It is obvious that we are dissatisfied with our performance; we were unable to accomplish our goal today. However, we still have a few games remaining, and there is a great deal of football for us to learn from.

When it comes to both sides of the ball, I continue to have the highest faith in everyone who is present in this locker room. That is not something that can be changed by playing this game.

In each of their previous four games, the Eagles had been behind at the halftime break; yet, they were able to come back and win all of those games, therefore tying an NFL record.

San Francisco built a 14-6 lead at halftime and then threw it into high gear after intermission, so handing Philadelphia its second-largest loss under coach Nick Sirianni. This series of victories came to an end on Sunday, when San Francisco defeated Philadelphia.

When the Eagles were resting many of their starters for the playoffs, they suffered their worst loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 18 of the 2021 season. The Cowboys defeated them by a score of 25 points.

Our coaching and playing were not up to par. We did not perform well enough. It’s as easy as that. Also, why do you choose not to do that? At the same time, you must acknowledge their contributions. I am impressed by how good that football team is.

This is what Sirianni had to say about the situation: “If you don’t come out and play your best game against the guys that they have and the coaches that they have, it’s going to look like that.”

However, we need to improve our coaching. Do a better job of playing. We need to clean up a lot of things.”

The Philadelphia Eagles had a difficult time scoring touchdowns in the red zone early on in the season, but they have been able to turn things around recently, as they have scored touchdowns in the red zone ten times in a row over their last three games.

On the other hand, the problem reappeared on Sunday, when the Eagles were unable to score touchdowns on their first two attempts inside the 20-yard line and instead settled for field goals in both instances.

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I had the impression that we began with a good rhythm, a decent tempo, and, for the most part, a pretty solid execution.

According to Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts, who ended the game with a completion percentage of 26 out of 45 passes for 298 yards and two touchdowns (one rushing), “We just kind of weren’t able to connect and execute like we wanted to in the red zone.” “When you’re playing a good team like that, every little thing matters.”

After a promising beginning, the Philadelphia defense failed to hold up, allowing 456 yards of offense to be scored against them. This was despite the fact that they were on the field for 92 plays against the Buffalo Bills the previous week and were operating without starting linebackers Nakobe Dean and Zach Cunningham due to injuries.

A total of three touchdowns were scored by Niners wide receiver Deebo Samuel throughout the day. His 116 receiving yards came after the catch, accounting for 115 of those yards, as stated by Next Gen statistics.

“We didn’t do a lot of things right,” said Fletcher Cox, a defensive tackle while playing for the Eagles. No tackle was made by us. We did not provide coverage. We were unable to see a number of plays.

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The Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) will now focus their attention on another significant showdown the following week, which will take place at the Dallas Cowboys (9-3), who are their rivals.

The 49ers (9-3) and the Detroit Lions (9-3) are also in the running for the top seed in the National Football Conference (NFC), which has suddenly become a more competitive battle.

As the Philadelphia players were leaving the field, there was some conversation among them regarding the possibility of playing against this San Francisco team once more.

That’s a very real possibility: Eagles-49ers was the most likely NFC Championship Game matchup entering into the week at 38%, according to ESPN Analytics.

“It’s a possible rematch,” said Jordan Mailata, the left tackle for the Eagles. On the other hand, you have to take a look at yourself in the mirror and admit that they were the superior team earlier. We failed to come through.

We were unable to execute our strategy and did not make the most of the opportunities that were presented to us, particularly in the red zone. When playing against a team like that, which is well-coached and well-disciplined, you just cannot afford to let such opportunities slip through your fingers.


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