New Rust Charges Against Alec Baldwin Dropped in Plea Deal


Alec Baldwin entered a plea of not guilty to a new charge of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting that resulted in the death of Rust twenty-one years ago.

In accordance with the paperwork filed in the New Mexico court system, Baldwin, who is 65 years old, submitted his plea on Wednesday and renounced his right to an arraignment.

Following the indictment of him by a New Mexico grand jury for the second time in connection with the shooting on January 19, he submitted the documents to the Santa Fe County court the day before his scheduled arraignment.

Baldwin has reportedly been released on his own recognizance, as stated in the documents filed with the court. Baldwin is required to comply with all local, state, and federal laws as part of the terms of his release.

Alec Baldwin Dropped in Plea Deal
Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. Photo Credit: People

He is also prohibited from possessing a handgun or other dangerous weapon, in addition to not consuming alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, he is not permitted to leave the country without first receiving written permission from the court.

The court has given him permission to promote Rust, but he is not permitted to discuss the accident with any staff members who may testify or with the person or people who are believed to have been injured.

In accordance with the statute of New Mexico, Baldwin could be sentenced to a maximum of eighteen months in jail if he is found guilty of this new accusation.

Alex Spiro and Luke Nikas, both of Quinn Emanuel, the actor’s attorneys, had previously stated, “We look forward to our day in court,” in response to the actor’s indictment on January 19.

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File pictuer of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. Photo credit: The Hindu

During the production of the upcoming Western Rust, which took place in 2021, the actor was carrying a pretend gun when it accidentally discharged, resulting in the death of cameraman Halyna Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza.

Baldwin has asserted on multiple occasions that he was unaware that the firearm carried a live bullet by accident, and he has also asserted that he did not pull the trigger.

Gloria Allred, an attorney for the Hutchins family, provided a response to the statement that was released by SAG-AFTRA on Thursday.

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In her statement, she stated that the concept that an actor is not accountable for discharging a weapon on a movie set “flies in the face of common sense and the law.”

“Safety protocols may be considered during the trial, but they are not the law,” she stated in a statement she issued. This indictment was the result of the grand jury carefully evaluating all of the evidence and the law in order to get to this conclusion.

It is critical to show respect for the decision of the grand jury to indict, and it is also essential to permit the criminal justice system to move forward with the trial, where the case will be determined based on its characteristics.

Rust on-set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was also previously charged with involuntary manslaughter, in addition to Baldwin, who was first accused with the crime. August was the month that she entered a plea of not guilty, and she is scheduled to go on trial in February.


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