Alex Batty claims he lied about commune escape to protect mother


Alex Batty, a youngster from the United Kingdom, has admitted that he fibbed about the specifics of his escape in order to shield his mother and grandfather from the authorities.

Alex stated that he began to have reservations about the nomadic lifestyle that they maintained when he was “14 or 15 years old” in an interview with The Sun.

In the French Pyrenees, the young man stated that he had given up his nomadic lifestyle because of his aspirations for the future.

Around six years after he had been reported missing, he was discovered walking along a road in France.

Alex Batty claims he lied about

Alex, who is now in the care of his grandmother in Oldham, his legal guardian, has provided a detailed account of the night he escaped and the reasons that compelled him to go.

As his aspirations of becoming a software engineer seemed to be a long way off, he told the tabloid that the feelings of uncertainty that were always present were even more intense a year ago.

“I realised it wasn’t a great way to live for my future,” according to him.

Moving around, having no friends, and having no social life were all aspects of his life that he might imagine if he remained with his mother. The young man, who was 17 years old at the time, described his socially isolated adolescence by saying, “Working, working, and working without studying.”

A year ago, he brought up the possibility of going back to England with his grandfather, whom he claimed was still alive when he escaped earlier this month, despite the fact that French authorities were under the impression that he had passed away many months previously.

He chose not to contact his mother because he said that she was opposed to his plans to return to England. He stated that she was concerned that he would be placed in foster care if he went back.

“She wasn’t really open to any other opinions whereas grandad is more of a listener,” according to Alex.

He claimed to the newspaper that he had made up the narrative about a voyage that lasted for four days in the hopes that it would prevent the authorities from locating his mother and grandfather. He was concerned that they may be jailed on suspicion of kidnapping a child during their search.

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“I’ve been lying to try and protect my mum and grandad but I realise that they’re probably gonna get caught anyway,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“I did not become disoriented. He continued by saying, “I knew exactly where I was going.” He went on to describe his actual voyage as a two-day hike, during which he first went to the village of Quillan to pretend to ask for directions, and then continued on towards Toulouse.

Alex was found on a road in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, close to Toulouse, in the early hours of a rainy morning. He was picked up by a delivery driver who had seen him.

The driver, Fabien Accidini, a French student of pharmaceuticals, stated that Alex had informed him that he had been wandering through the Pyrenees for four days and four nights, sleeping during the day and walking primarily during the night in order to avoid being discovered.

Mr. Accidini has stated in the past that he was only in possession of one hundred euros in cash, that he did not possess a mobile phone, and that he was traveling to Toulouse. He dined on everything that he could find in the fields and gardens.

After driving the young man to Revel, which is located just outside of Carcassonne, he left him with local gendarmes who verified his identity and transported him to Toulouse. After that, arrangements were made for him to travel back to the United Kingdom.

In 2018, Susan Caruana, Alex’s grandmother, expressed her belief to the BBC that she felt Alex’s mother Melanie Batty and grandfather David Batty had taken him to live with a spiritual group in Morocco. David Batty was Alex’s grandfather.


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