Barnsley thrown out FA Cup for ineligible player; Horsham reinstated


Barnsley thrown out FA Cup – Due to the fact that they played an ineligible player during their 3-0 first-round replay win against Horsham on November 14, Barnsley have been kicked out of the FA Cup competition.

They will be replaced in the second round by their opponents from the seventh level, who will make the trip to Sutton United of League Two.

Although the player who is ineligible has not been identified, it is widely believed that it is Aiden Marsh. Marsh was playing for York while Barnsley was playing their opening match against Horsham, which ended in a 3-3 draw.

After then, he was called back up and started playing for Horsham, although in a replay, only players who were eligible for the original tie can participate.

Barnsley thrown out FA Cup

Since Bury was relegated in December 2006, Barnsley is the first club to be eliminated from the main phase of the competition. Then, after Bury had won the second-round rematch against Chester City with a score of 3-1, it became clear that Stephen Turnbull was ineligible to play.

Bury was unsuccessful in their appeal, and Barnsley has decided not to contest the ruling.

The following was stated in a statement released by Barnsley: “An administrative error was brought to our attention regarding the eligibility of a player who played in the game against Horsham FC on Tuesday. The club has provided the investigators with its full cooperation and has acknowledged and accepted the FA’s conclusion.

We have been in touch with Horsham FC, and I would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to both the club and its chairman for their patience and assistance during this procedure.

“Because of this tragic mistake, we would want to extend our apologies to all of our fans, players, and staff. This error, even though it was accidental, does not live up to the excellent standards that we have established at this club, and it is certainly not what you deserve.

We have already completed an exhaustive investigation within our company, and as a result, we have taken preventative measures to ensure that something similar will never occur again.

Kevin Borrett, the chairman of Horsham, said as follows: “Barnsley chairman Neerav Parekh contacted me on Friday to make the club aware of the administrative error and FA consideration of the matter,” Borrett added.

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I can fully comprehend the profound sense of betrayal that Barnsley and its fans would feel in the face of this decision made by the FA. On behalf of HFC, I would like to send my best wishes to Barnsley as they attempt to win promotion back to the Championship.

On December 2nd, Horsham, who are currently ranked ninth in the Isthmian League Premier, go to Sutton. Disqualifications have a lengthy history in the FA Cup, beginning with the 1879–1880 season.

During that season, Sheffield declined to play extra time following a 2-2 draw in the fourth round, and as a result, they were ousted from the competition.


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