‘Beef’ was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Limited Series at the 2024 ceremony


As a result of its outstanding performance at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, “Beef” was awarded the trophy for Best Limited Series.

During the IndieWire Honors ceremony that took place in December 2023, the Netflix drama comedy was recognized as one of the most critically acclaimed programs of the year.

Lee Sung Jin is the creator of the series, which revolves around two inhabitants of Los Angeles, Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, who are unhappy with their own life due to the fact that they are so drastically different from one another.

A confrontation involving road rage results in a long-running obsessive quarrel between the two parties, which ultimately leads to a more intense conclusion.

After competing against “Daisy Jones and the Six,” “All the Light We Cannot See,” “Fargo,” “Fellow Travelers,” and “Lessons in Chemistry,” the 10-episode series “Beef” emerged victorious in the category of Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television at the Golden Globes.

Steven Yeun was awarded the prize for the category of Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Limited Series, while Ali Wong was crowned the winner of the category for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series.

Lee, the creator and showrunner of “Beef,” stated during the IndieWire Honors that the series was inspired by a real-life experience that he had gone through. Lee stated that the film “Beef” was partially inspired on an incident that he had experienced with road rage. While driving a white SUV, this guy honked his horn and yelled at me.

And on this particular day, for some reason, I was thinking to myself, “Eh, I’m going to follow you.” Despite the fact that it was unsatisfactory and really foolish on my side, it was the reason I was given this prize.

Therefore, it would be irresponsible of me not to express my gratitude to this individual; I hope that he continues to honk and yell, thereby serving as an inspiration to others for many years to come.

As Lee continued to elaborate on his personal connection to the series, he stated, “The show is basically about how we are all experiencing the same thing, and I am very thankful for the other same things that I got to collaborate with on the show.”

I can relate to many of the darker aspects of the program, such as the suicidal ideation and other such things, because I have experienced similar things in my own life. In addition, I would want to express my gratitude to Joanne, my therapist, who is most likely the sole reason I am still alive.

The show’s creator went on to say that the show is “a microcosm of so much going on in our society.” He came to the conclusion that “We’re driving around in literal bubbles and projecting so much onto others, with so many assumptions, and there’s a lot going on in our own lives that add to that projection.”

At the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, January 7, the 81st Golden Globe Awards were presented to the winners.

A subsidiary of Penske Media, Dick Clark Productions is the entity that is responsible for the production of the Golden Globes. Additionally, PMC is the parent company of IndieWire.


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