Bill Ackman’s wife Neri Oxman accused of plagiarism days after Claudine Gay resigns


Neri Oxman, the spouse of Bill Ackman, who earlier accused Claudine Gay of plagiarism, has also been accused of plagiarism in her dissertation. This comes in the midst of the fallout that has occurred at Harvard University as a result of Claudine Gay’s recent resignation. Business Insider published the charges in the afternoon, making them available to the public.

The year 2010 marked the completion of Oxman’s doctoral dissertation at MIT, where she has been a tenured professor since the year 2017.

It has been reported by Business Insider that some paragraphs of Oxman’s dissertation appear to contain instances of plagiarism due to the fact that they contain direct quotations from sources that are removed from quotation marks.

Reporters assert that Oxman copied content from 1998 written by two Israeli professors named Steve Winer and H. Daniel Wagner and used it in her dissertation that she submitted in 2010.

In addition, it is believed that Oxman’s dissertation copied text from two distinct pieces written by Peder Anker, a historian at New York University, and published in 1995 and 2006. She is also accused of plagiarizing text from a book written by Claus Mattheck, a German physicist, which was published in 1998.

In the second incident, Oxman stole one paragraph from Mattheck without providing any attribution or quotation, as reported by Business Insider.

According to the criteria established in the MIT Handbook, situations like these in question are considered to be instances of plagiarism. Neri Oxman, in turn, replied to the charges by posting a response on social media.

Given the staunch stance against plagiarism that Oxman’s husband, Bill Ackman, a hedge fund manager, has taken in recent weeks against comparable academic errors surrounding former Harvard University president Claudine Gay, the claims are ironic. Oxman’s husband is a hedge fund manager.

After Claudine Gay testified before Congress on December 5, 2023, regarding anti-Semitism at Harvard, right media pundits joined forces with Ackman, a significant donor to Harvard, to demand that Gay step down from her position.

Right-wing journalists such as Chris Brunet, Aaron Sibarium, and Christopher Rufo dredged out allegations that Claudine Gay plagiarized portions of her PhD dissertation from 2010. This caused the calls to become more widespread.

The claims were utilized by Rufo and Aaron Sibarium of The Free Beacon to incite hostility toward the first Black president of Harvard University School of Medicine.


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