Popular YouTube reptile specialist Brian Barczyk dies at 54


On Sunday, the herpetologist named Brian Barczyk, who was popular on YouTube and had over 5 million subscribers, passed away. He was 54 years old.

It was confirmed to NBC News by a representative of The Reptarium, which is Barczyk’s reptile zoo, that the cause of death was pancreatic cancer in its fourth stage, which was inoperable. The first time that Barczyk disclosed his condition to his audience was in a video that he posted in March of 2023.

Additionally, the news was disseminated by the Reptarium on the social media pages of Barczyk.

There were parts of Barczyk’s struggle with cancer that he had documented on his YouTube channel. The announcement that he would be entering hospice care was made in a final video that he uploaded on January 5th.

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In the video, he expressed his desire to “create experiences and opportunities for people to love animals.” He believed that this was his lifelong goal.

“I pray that you guys will continue to watch the vlog, continue to follow along, because nothing is going to change,” Barczyk stated in the accompanying video. We are conveying the same message.

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You are not going to see me, which is the sole distinction between all of this. But you can rely on me, boys; I’m prepared. This was a challenging year. “The pain was unbearable.”

Brian Barczyk dies at 54

A number of informative videos concerning various reptiles, such as snakes and alligators, were among the videos that Barczyk was famous for posting. Additionally, he was a regular on the Discovery Channel show “Venom Hunters.”

In the year 2018, Barczyk established The Reptarium, an interactive reptile zoo located in the state of Michigan. His work on the new aquarium, which is currently in the process of being constructed and is called LegaSea, began.

According to Jay Tingle, who is the head of education at The Reptarium and the future LegaSea Aquarium, “We are so grateful to hear all the stories of how Brian changed the lives of so many,” he stated in an email.

“Times are definitely going to be different for us going forth from here but we will continue to make him proud everyday.”

Lori, his wife, and their children, Noah and Jade, are the only people who will remember Barczyk. The channel has been under the direction of Barczyk’s son, Noah, ever since his father entered hospice care.

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Noah Barczyk mentioned in an email that “no one is going to be able to replace him, and even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to.” However, we have the ability to serve as his conduit in order to keep his message alive. You may rest assured that our entire team will make you proud, Dad.

There has been an outpouring of sympathy and condolences from fans on the social media pages that are associated with Barczyk.


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