Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga reign has finally met its match


Feb 11—They have been known as Neverkusen in Germany for many years, a team that is characterized by the word “nearly,” a club that has learned to accept the term “not quite.” It was not intended for them to take the initiative in leading the insurrection.

During the time that Bayern Munich was dominating the Bundesliga and tightening its hold on the league by winning nine, ten, eleven consecutive titles, Bayer Leverkusen was completely absent and far away. It was from a distance that they observed Bayern making the occasional stumble; nevertheless, whenever the door was slightly ajar, they were nowhere to be discovered.

to the year 2023-24. That is, until the revolution in Leverkusen. To this point.

At the BayArena on Saturday, Leverkusen cruised to a 3-0 victory over Bayern. However, they were not able to surprise the eternal champions. It was not a surprise at all. Everything that Leverkusen has worked on under the direction of head coach Xabi Alonso was accomplished. Furthermore, it was the most resolute declaration of a stance that will shock and arouse the entirety of the European soccer community.

Alonso and other underappreciated players have kicked off the season with a football that is fluid and shape-shifting. They are difficult to identify, which is one of the reasons why they have not suffered a loss in any of the 31 games they have played this season in three different competitions.

They move and pass in a manner similar to Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. They defend and counter like the Real Madrid team that Jose Mourinho coached in 2012.

Players from Bayer Leverkusen celebrate scoring their second goal in Saturday’s Bundesliga match against Bayern Munich. (Photo: SKY News)

On Saturday, they accomplished all of that and even more. In the 18th minute, Florian Wirtz, a resurrected wunderkind, crashed through the middle of the field and came dangerously close to setting up a goal for Leverkusen.

There was a frightening rebound that Bayern’s Dayot Upamecano eventually managed to get away from. Leverkusen, however, made a swift decision about the subsequent throw-in, which caught the champions off surprise.

They capped off a historic victory by winning in stoppage time. As a result, they had a party.

When it comes to failures in the past, they are completely unbound. It is impossible to overstate the quality of their soccer team; they are just outstanding.

With 50 points from its first 20 games, Bayern achieved the sixth-best pace in the history of the league, despite the fact that they were plagued by injuries and persistent gloomy discourse. The numbers that were underpinning it were those of a dictator, a powerful force, and a ruler who could not be challenged.

They performed better than Bayern in the 2017–18 season, when they won the league by a margin of 21 points. They were superior to every season that had come after them, each of which had completed with a result that was predictable.

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In each and every instance, they have demonstrated their character by coming from behind to win and earn points. By scoring an equalizer in the 94th minute, they were able to steal two goals from Bayern in September. They came back from their winter vacation and won two consecutive games in the final minute of stoppage time.

Their late heroics have been criticized by some, who argue that they cannot be maintained. that the numbers that lie beneath them could potentially indicate regression. despite the fact that their lead was very little and the spring was quite long, Bayern was able to climb, as it always appears to do.

But Saturday put an end to all of our concerns and hesitations. Leverkusen is currently in the driver’s seat in the Bundesliga. There are only three months left to regain control of the throne after the monarch has been removed from it.


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