California lady spends 15 hours on flooded car after severe rain


According to Fox Weather, a woman from California was rescued on Tuesday after she had been trapped for about fifteen hours atop her overturned automobile in the surging waters of a creek.

The San Francisco Bay Area was hit by a storm that began on Sunday night and continued through Monday, bringing with it heavy rain. Storms caused the soil to become so saturated that runoff caused flash floods to occur. This was caused by the rainfall.

According to the Alameda County Fire Department, the event occurred on Monday evening when the woman attempted to cross a flooded road in the 7000 block of Del Valle Road in Livermore. The incident occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. Due to her misunderstanding of the level of the water, she allowed her vehicle to be washed away.

“When we arrived, the water was moving at a fairly rapid pace. According to the statement made by the battalion chief Kent Carlin to KTVU FOX 2, “I can only imagine that it was flowing a little heavier last night.”

After the vehicle flipped over as a result of flooding, the woman was compelled to swim in the frigid waters and clamber onto the top of the vehicle. The victim was unable to contact for aid since she had lost her cell phone.

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According to Carlin, “During that time that her vehicle overturned in the water, she lost her phone and all other important items, not to mention the fact that it was a bad coverage area anyway.

After some time had passed, the fire department sent a request for help to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

“The weather cooperated, allowing the CHP helicopter to do a short lift, and they were successful in getting the woman out of the water,” the Assistant Chief of Fire Departments told KRON of Nexstar.

Victim suffered Hypothermia and mild injuries occurred

Following that, the woman was brought to a hospital in the vicinity. According to the informant from the fire service, she has suffered from hypothermia and minor injuries.

According to Carlin, “She was actually in good spirits and was talking coherently to us.” He went on to say that “I imagine initially when this happened it was pretty shocking.”

“You could tell from her condition that she was cold, her hands were discolored, you know she’d been there overnight,” said the law enforcement officer.

Watch Full rescue video:


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