“Peaky Blinders” Star Cillian Murphy Opens Up About the Message He Sent to Land the Part


After revealing that he wasn’t the first choice for his breakout television role, Cillian Murphy may be the hot favorite to win the award for Best Actor at the Academy Awards, which will take place the following month.

Despite the fact that Murphy portrayed the character of family patriarch Tommy Shelby in the critically acclaimed historical drama Peaky Blinders, he disclosed this week that he was not the first option for the major role offered by the writer Stephen Knight.

During an interview on the radio program Desert Island Discs airing on the BBC, he stated, “Physically speaking, I wasn’t the obvious choice.” I am not sure if I was successful in persuading Stephen during the meeting; nevertheless, it appears that I sent him a text message after the meeting that stated, “Remember, I am an actor.”

That is something that I do believe. Personally, I believe that it is our responsibility as actors to adapt to whatever the role requires of us.

In 2022, Shelby and his Birmingham gangster family decided to leave the show after six seasons. However, Murphy disclosed that he is still open to the possibility of playing the part again. “If there is more story to tell, and if Stephen Knight delivers a script like I know he can, then I will be there,” Murphy stated.

To put it another way, if we want to witness Tommy Shelby, who is fifty years old, I will be there. Let’s get it done.”

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Murphy, in reference to his much-lauded portrayal of Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s epic film, stated that he came to the realization that the representation “would ultimately be a synthesis of the script, all the stuff that I was absorbing of him, and then an element of yourself in it.”

“And then you put it all together, and that becomes Chris’s version of Oppenheimer, as well as my individual version of the character.”

According to the Irish actor, he has acquired the ability to take pleasure in the awards season, which is something that he had not always felt in the past.


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