James Harden leads Clippers to sixth straight win against Warriors


Over the course of the previous five weeks, the Clippers have seen a wide range of basketball success, ranging from six consecutive losses to five consecutive triumphs.

In between these streaks, they have experienced every possible point on the spectrum of basketball success. The most consistent aspect that they have been able to point to is their endurance.

As a result of the fact that James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George had started together in each of the 18 games that had been played since Harden’s entrance through a trade, the Clippers had to overcome a number of challenges in the five weeks that had passed since Harden joined the lineup. However, the depth of their players was not one of those challenges.

Clippers to sixth straight win

After injured himself in a victory against Sacramento on Tuesday, Harden demonstrated why he was recruited to Los Angeles in the first place: to serve as a ceiling-raiser for the club when they are healthy and to provide superstar insurance when they are not. George is currently out of action due to what the team refers to as a sore hip.

The Clippers were able to survive a vintage shooting performance by the Warriors’ Klay Thompson behind Harden’s own return to a dominant form in a game that was significant for who was playing and who was not playing. Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors was serving the first game of his indefinite suspension that was handed down by the NBA.


Continuing a winning streak that began two weeks earlier with a victory over Golden State on the same court, the Clippers won their sixth consecutive game with a score of 121-113.

James Harden leads Clippers to sixth straight win against Warriors.

With 21 minutes left in the game, Harden tied his season high with 11 assists, which was a season record for him. Over the course of the game, he finished with 15 of his team’s 27 assists, which led to his teammates scoring 36 points.

In addition, he scored 28 points. Moreover, he was successful in 11 of his 12 free throws and five of his six attempts at three-point shots. James Harden became one of only 24 players in the history of the NBA to accomplish the milestone of scoring 25,000 points in his career after making a layup in the third quarter.

He took away points defensively first stealing the ball from Warriors rookie center Trayce Jackson-Davis under the basket and then later stealing the ball from Jonathan Kuminga at the perimeter, which resulted in a fast-break layup by teammate Terance Mann.

Both of these actions were successful in preventing the Warriors from scoring. Moreover, when the Clippers appeared to be in a bind, the Clippers were in the middle of the fourth quarter nursing a four-point lead.

Harden stopped Brandin Podziemski with a soaring swipe, and the Clippers scored on the subsequent possession to further strengthen their lead.

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A significant achievement would have been achieved if Harden had done it by himself. On the other hand, Harden and reserve guard Russell Westbrook played off of each other on Westbrook’s backdoor cut for an alley-oop.

This was the most time that they had spent together since they had been kept completely apart for each other for four games previously.

With a second remaining in the first half, the basketball had not yet left Chris Paul’s right hand when it was promptly engulfed by Westbrook’s right hand and sent flying out of bounds. Westbrook’s right hand was responsible for sending the ball flying out of bounds.

While celebrating, Westbrook smiled at the crowd in section 116 of the Crypto.com Arena and then waved his index finger back and forth. Westbrook is famous for his scowl that he displays while playing basketball. Westbrook finished with nine points, and Norman Powell, who came off the bench, added 21 points.

Amir Coffey, a backup player who was rarely employed, scored 18 points in thirty minutes, giving him the opportunity to reprise his position from two years before, when he was needed to fill in for George, who was injured. There were also 27 points scored by Kawhi Leonard.

Because Thompson would not allow the game to slip away, the Clippers were unable to close out Golden State until the very last minute, despite the fact that they were leading by as many as sixteen points. During the third quarter, he scored 16 points, which brought Golden State to within six points of the lead going into the last 12 minutes of the game.

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The Golden State Warriors were led by Thompson, who scored 30 points and made eight of his twelve three-pointers. Stephen Curry, on the other hand, had the same number of missed field goals (17) as he had points (17).

During the final thirty seconds of the game, when the Clippers were leading by only four points after Coffey had missed a corner three-pointer, Leonard made a dash toward the paint in order to successfully grab an offensive rebound.

After being fouled, he successfully made both of his free shots. Despite the fact that the game was over, the winning run carried on.


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