After 14 seasons as the Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll has resigned


The Seattle Seahawks have parted ways with Pete Carroll, who served as the team’s head coach for a total of fourteen seasons. During his time, the Seahawks won two National Football Conference championships and the lone Super Bowl triumph in the franchise’s history.

According to a statement released by the group’s owner Jody Allen on Wednesday, the coach, who is 72 years old, will be transitioning into an advising role with the organization. In spite of this, it is quite evident that Carroll desired to remain in the position that he had held for more than a decade.

“Just so you know, I competed pretty hard to be the coach,” Carroll said during an emotional goodbye press conference. “I competed pretty hard to be the coach.” I simply wanted to make sure that I spoke up for all of our coaches and players, as well as the things that we had achieved that we had been working for.

This is not only to ensure that we continue to be the coach, but also to ensure that we continue to have a chance to be successful and to ensure that the organization continues to exist. In order to achieve that, I fought vigorously.

A mixture of emotions and laughter filled the auditorium as Carroll talked for more than thirty minutes about a tenure that will be tough for any coach to match in the future. The auditorium was filled with staff members from all across the facility, assistant coaches, and a few current players.

We’ve had this run, and I couldn’t be happier about it. That is the case. According to Carroll, “the level of consistency that we have demonstrated is such that it makes you proud.”

Following a victory over Arizona by a score of 21-20 on Sunday, Seattle completed the regular season.

The Seahawks began the final two weeks of the regular season with the opportunity to become eligible for the playoffs for the eleventh time under Carroll’s leadership. However, after suffering a loss to Pittsburgh in Week 17, the Seahawks found themselves in need of assistance, and they were unable to finish the season.

Carroll will stand down as the most successful coach in the history of the team, but his tenure will come to a disappointing end after three seasons of outcomes that were neither exceptional nor exceptional.

In the history of coaching, he will be remembered as the first person to deliver the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle, which he accomplished with the victory over Denver in Super Bowl 48.

However, Carroll was never able to fully recover from the events that transpired in the Super Bowl a year later, including Russell Wilson’s goal line interception in the last seconds of the game. Additionally, Seattle was never able to win another championship that could erase the memories of what occurred in Super Bowl 49.

coach Pete Carroll has resigned
After 14 seasons as the Seattle Seahawks resign

During his stint with the Seahawks, Carroll finished the regular season with a record of 137-69-1. He stepped down from his position. His tenure at Seattle resulted in five NFC West championships and ten postseason victories.

“We have a lot of work to do, but the outlook for the future is very positive,” said Carroll. “This is because of the composition of the guys, the way they want to work, and the way they approach it.”

However, that future for Seattle will be overseen by a different coach than the one responsible for the team.

Carroll will be remembered as having the most successful stint in Seattle since the franchise was first established in 1976, despite the fact that the final chapter was not particularly impressive.

Through the implementation of his system, he introduced a player-friendly atmosphere that was based on the principle of allowing personalities to emerge within the framework of the system. Carroll advocated for healthy competition, but he also managed to make it enjoyable.

After the conclusion of the regular season, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Washington are the three other NFL teams who have terminated their coaches. Seattle is the seventh NFL team that is now seeking for a new coach. Before firing their coaches, the Raiders, the Chargers, and the Panthers did not wait until the season was over to make their decisions.

After owners agreed in October to delay the beginning of in-person interviews by one week, NFL teams are unable to begin conducting interviews until after the divisional round. This decision was made in an effort to slow down the hiring process and enhance diversity in the hiring process.

Until Tuesday or Wednesday, they are not permitted to conduct interviews with head coaching candidates who are employed by other NFL clubs. This applies to any coach whose team is finished or whose team has a bye in the playoffs. Groups are able to initiate interviews virtually.

Internal candidates or those who are not currently employed by the NFL are eligible to participate in in-person interviews.


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