Los Cowboys have won the trust of the fans, but they still have a lot of room for improvement


Dak Prescott expressed with complete humility and without any preconceptions that his Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have yet to compete in four regular season games.

However, the victory that they achieved on this Sunday night provided them with the tranquility they needed to work, avoid unnecessary pressures, and have the confidence that they could play at a high level in all three phases of the sport against any opponent.

The quarterback of the Cowboys said that the victory of 33-13 over the Eagles is beneficial at this point simply because it helps them to continue competing toward the postseason, despite the fact that the goal is still a long way off.

“Nosotros simplemente estamos corriendo nuestra propia carrera”, dijo Prescott, después del triunfo en el que jugó otro partido muy perfecto, in el que el único mistake was un balón que soltó al ser golpeado en una captura y que los Eagles convirtieron en su único touchdown de la noche.

A game that put the Eagles (10-3) in the same position as the Eagles (10-3) in the Eastern Division of the National Conference, where it is apparent that, at this point, in the 14th week of the season, they are the best team, Prescott threw for 271 yards, scored two touchdowns, and avoided interception.

“He is the same quarterback that I have been since the day I was born until the present day: elite, elite, elite,” said Tyler Smith, the guardian of the izquierdo. “Is a genuine leader for sure.

Currently, he is engaged in playing his game, and we are proud of him from an offensive standpoint. We are going to protect Dak. We are confident that Dak will be able to perform his work by working for us, which is our number one priority.

Mike McCarthy achieved his goal of fulfilling his advertisement and returned to the role of directing his Cowboys just four days after the apéndice was put into operation.

Estuvo todo el partido parado en la línea lateral de la banca, mandó las jugadas cómo suele hacerlo y ofreció un espectáculo ofensivo, como también se ha vuelto una costumbre en el AT&T Stadium.

En uno de los juegos más equilibrados de ambos lados del balón en épocas recientes, the Cowboys scored a total of 394 yards, including 138 yards per career.

As a result, they were the first team to reach the point where they won their first seven games of the regular season at home, accumulating at least 30 points.

“This is a significant victory,” McCarthy said on the occasion. “These divisional games are considered to be quite challenging. In Filadelfia, we were given opportunities, and we were able to seize them.

This game was something that we needed to have. With that, we made a significant step forward. A significant amount of work was accomplished by my personnel during the week, he added.

There was no leniency in the defense. The one that appeared to be the beginning of the season; the one that seems to be able to allow yardas, but also pressure, arrebata balones, and closes down when it comes to the most vital moments.

Encouraged the Eagles to have a streak of 110 consecutive games in which they scored at least one touchdown offensively, causing them to lose their streak.

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To this day, nothing more. Tris balones sueltos were triggered by the offensive play of the Eagles, which was led by Jalen Hurts. Not a single one of the receivers made it to the 40-yard line, and the receivers were unable to reach the 100-yard line.

In reference to the 93,752 individuals who filled the stadium, the defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence stated, “This location was filled with a great deal of enthusiasm.” The fans in the actual world were of great assistance to us. Both my colleagues and I are prepared to participate in the game and abide by the terms of our business.

At the same time, the coaches put in a lot of effort to ensure that we were prepared with a comprehensive game plan that we were able to execute today. However, there is still a significant amount of time left, and the goal is not even close to being attainable.

En el juego que el dueño y gerente general, Jerry Jones, calificó como el mejor desde que McCarthy dirige al equipo, el pateador Brandon Aubrey esfuerzó una otra demostración histórica; he was perfect in four intentos de gol de campo, including 60, 59, 50, and 45 yardas, and he continued to be successful in his first thirty games in the National Football League (NFL) since he made his debut in the league.

Jones stated, “For the time being, it is necessary for me to be reminded that this is the reality you are experiencing.”

A little over a year ago, I was concerned about whether or not we would be able to measure additional points of 25 yards… At this moment, this adored one appears to be an incredible machine.

This week, the Cowboys (10-3) will have a lower level of pressure as they prepare to go to the Buffalo Bills (7-6) on the following Sunday. The next week, they will travel to the Miami Dolphins (9-3), after which they will travel to the Detroit Lions (9-4) and finish the season in Washington (4-9).

When Prescott said, “A descansar tranquilos esta noche porque mañana tenemos que ir a trabajar pensando en el siguiente,” he was referring to the fact that some fans who were watching the press conference from behind the glass were yelling, “MVP, MVP, MVP!”This was a really favorable victory. Nevertheless, it is not the case that the season is becoming less challenging.


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