David Benavidez wins after Demetrius Andrade’s corner stops fight


With each crushing left and right hand, David Benavidez proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is worthy of a fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Benavidez prevailed over Demetrius Andrade in another thrilling performance for the unbeaten boxer on Saturday night at Mandalay Bay. The fight was stopped after the sixth round of the super middleweight contest after it was signaled for a stoppage by Andrade’s camp.

Right after that, boxing icon Mike Tyson came over to congratulate Benavidez and shake his hand.

“I just told Mike Tyson that I love him and thank you so much for the motivation he’s given me,” said Benavidez, who is ranked as the No. 2 boxer at 168 pounds on ESPN. “It’s not everyday a boxing legend like Mike Tyson gives people nicknames, so I just want to live up to my name.”

It was Mike Tyson who gave Benavidez the nickname “The Mexican Monster,” and Benavidez more than lived up to it on Saturday night. Benavidez knocked out Tyson in the sixth round.

Andrade, who had previously won titles in two different weight classes, was boxing well until Benavidez knocked him out with a right-handed haymaker in the final few seconds of the fourth round.

Benavidez, undefeated with 24 knockouts, continued to pile on the pressure in the following round in an attempt to kill off Andrade, but Andrade remained resilient. Andrade attempted to get out of the jam by fighting his way out of it rather than trying to clinch.

In Round 6, Andrade, who has a record of 32-1 with 19 knockouts, was able to hit several powerful combinations. Benavidez’s head was yanked back with an uppercut, but Andrade was the one who was spitting out blood a few moments later. The bout was over almost immediately after the bell rung to signal the end of the round.

“I think the first shot I caught him with was when I dipped his left hand and came back with a right hand, and that made a point,” said Benavidez, who competes out of Seattle and is 26 years old. Benavidez is a professional boxer.

“And I knew that I had to keep putting the pressure on him because I knew that he wasn’t going to continue taking those shots,” you said.

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“Everyone thinks that I am neither this nor that, that I am flat-footed and that I have no defense. This person most likely employed the most effective defense strategy. Offensively, he is a very capable player. He was so far out of his league that he could hardly even hit me, which I believe in and of itself says a lot.

“For Canelo and everybody else, it just shows I’m not f—ing around.”

That will undoubtedly go down as the most significant bout possible for the most dominant fighter in boxing. Benavidez wanted to make a statement in order to generate more interest in a fight with Alvarez, and he was more than successful in doing so against one of boxing’s most avoided fighters.

Andrade, who is 35 years old and won his first title at 154 pounds, made an early attempt to intimidate the larger man and found that it was successful. According to Victor Conte, who monitored both his training and diet regimen, he rehydrated to a weight of 190 pounds after completing the program.

The decisive moment came when Andrade forced Benavidez into the ropes with his superior strength. Benavidez was unable to continue his descent because he was stopped by right hands to the body that he connected with.

Even on all three scorecards, Andrade was declared the winner of the first two rounds. Benavidez, however, had begun to find his footing by the end of the third round.

After knocking down Andrade in the latter stages of the fourth round, he stunned his opponent once more with a devastating left hook. Benavidez unloaded with combinations as he stalked his opponent, but Andrade showed great tenacity by standing in the pocket and exchanged punches with him throughout the fight.

“I thought, overall, I did everything I needed to do to get the bigger man off of me,” said Andrade, who made his 168-pound debut in January and, for some reason, had never faced a current or past champion prior to Saturday’s fight.

“I thought I did everything I needed to do to get the bigger man off of me,” he said. “There’s no denying that David is one tough customer. No one was even willing to consider challenging him in a fight.

Andrade continued by saying, “I need to return to the drawing board and work on my body a little bit more.” After that, I’ll get right back to work on it.”

On the other hand, Benavidez is only getting started with his career. Benavidez topped his previous best performance, which he had accomplished in March by beating Caleb Plant via a painful unanimous decision, and he did it by defeating Andrade in a bout that lasted for six rounds.

Benavidez is currently in contention for fighter of the year accolades, but he has his sights set far higher than that.

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Already a two-time champion, he has never been defeated in the ring and has never lost a belt. First, he was disqualified from his title for testing positive for cocaine, and then he was disqualified again for failing to meet the required weight.

However, that is now in the past. He is currently in the prime of his career and is beginning to hit his stride; as a result, his star is shining brighter with each performance.

Now, in order for Benavidez to accomplish his aspirations, he needs the one and only fight that truly matters, and that fight is a shot at an all-time great in the form of Alvarez, who is by far the most popular attraction in the sport.

“I’m going to be the greatest of my generation by the time I’m done here,” according to Benavidez. “I enjoy being hit, and I enjoy hitting back just as much…. We hope you enjoy your time in the David Benavidez period.


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