Depardieu’s ex-partner Karine Silla defends him: “Gérard Is Not A Sexual Predator”


Karine Silla, an actress, director, and writer, has recently articulated her support for Gérard Depardieu, her ex-partner with whom she shares custody of her daughter, who is currently 31 years old.

Following the broadcast of a program by France Télévisions that investigated many historical allegations of sexual misbehavior against the actor, the actor, who was prosecuted for rape in 2021, has been at the center of a media storm in France in recent weeks. The documentary was intended to investigate the allegations.

She is the sister of Luc Besson’s wife Virginie Besson-Silla and is currently married to actor Vincent Perez. Silla, who is married to Vincent Perez, stated in an interview with the celebrity magazine Paris Match that she felt obligated to break her silence on the abuse of Paris Depardieu.

“I gave it a lot of thought before I spoke out because, as we all know, it is difficult for a surgeon to operate on his own child or for a judge to conduct a fair trial if the accused is a member of his family,” she added. “I thought about it for a very long time before I finally decided to speak out.”

More than anything else, Gérard Depardieu is the father of my daughter, and he is a guy whom I have loved for the past thirty-five years. When it comes to the artist and his work, as well as the writer and her sentiments, is it feasible to separate them? I don’t believe that to be the case, but I will still make an effort to maintain as much clarity as I can because the topics that were brought up are very important to me.

After the episode of the investigative show Complément d’enquête titled “The Fall of an Ogre” was broadcast on December 7, Silla took the opportunity to criticize the media’s reaction to the criticism that has been directed on Depardieu.

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There is a lot of shouting, signaling, and talking going on. However, out of all these thousands of individuals, who is familiar with him and has even had the opportunity to meet him? Considering that he is a public figure, it seems as if he no longer has the right to his private life. It is unfortunate for his children, who are collateral damage!

She made the suggestion that, in the midst of the media frenzy, people were confusing the case of Depardieu with the cases of Harvey Weinstein, Bertrand Cantet, the singer who was found guilty of beating actress partner Marie Trintignant to death in 2003; Gabriel Matzneff, the writer who has been accused of raping minors; and Guy Georges, the serial killer.

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According to Silla’s response to reports of Depardieu’s inappropriate behavior on set toward younger female extras, she suggested that the other professionals have supported his behavior.

“The individuals who have lodged complaints about his inappropriate behavior nearly unanimously agree on one thing: it took place in front of the crew, and nobody said anything about it other than, ‘It’s just Gérard.’

The remainder of the line, however, is missing: “…and it’s them,” which refers to the individuals who cheered him on and laughed wildly. He put on a show to entertain the gallery, and he turned his head from left to right to see if they laughed. However, they laughed and applauded throughout the entire performance.

Silla also addressed the Complément d’enquête tape, in which Depardieu is seen watching a little girl horseback riding when she is on a trip to North Koran. In the footage, Depardieu can be heard advising that if the horse bursts into a gallop, she will have an organism.

A bailiff report that was supposed to verify the authenticity of the tape was called into question by her. She argued that Depardieu had been a victim of the way the footage had been spliced.


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