According to reports, Derek Chauvin was stabbed in federal prison


According to two persons with knowledge of the incident, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering George Floyd during a 2020 arrest that touched off a wave of protests, was stabbed at a federal prison in Tucson, Arizona, on Friday. Chauvin was convicted of murdering Floyd during the arrest, which set off a wave of protests.

It was confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons that an inmate at the Tucson prison was stabbed around 12:30 p.m.; however, the statement issued by the agency did not identify Mr. Chauvin, who is 47 years old, by name.

According to the persons who are familiar with the scenario, there were no other inmates or staff members who were hurt, and the situation was swiftly brought under control.

Emergency medical technicians “initiated lifesaving measures” before taking the detainee to a nearby hospital “for further treatment and evaluation,” according to the bureau officers’ written statement.

Mr. Chauvin is thought to have survived the assault, according to one of the people who has knowledge of the situation. However, there were no immediate information available regarding his condition.

Derek Chauvin was stabbed

Following his conviction on state counts of murder and a federal charge of breaching the constitutional rights of Mr. Floyd, Mr. Chauvin was serving a sentence in federal prison that was just over twenty years long. The convictions came after he was found guilty of both offenses. The attorneys for Mr. Chauvin did not reply to inquiries for comment on the matter.

In May of 2020, Mr. Chauvin, who is white, kneeled on Mr. Floyd, who is Black, for nine and a half minutes as Mr. Floyd lay shackled and face down on a street corner in South Minneapolis.

The killing of Mr. Floyd, 46, a security guard and former rapper, was caught on film by a teenager, and the clip ricocheted across the world during the time that people were isolating themselves because to the Covid-19 outbreak. Mr. Floyd was a security guard.

In April 2021, Mr. Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree murder following a high-profile and broadcast trial that followed the killing, which sparked the greatest protests against police brutality and racism in a generation.

Later on, three additional officers who were present at the scene when Mr. Floyd was slain were also found guilty of breaching Mr. Floyd’s constitutional rights.

Mr. Chauvin had attempted to appeal his conviction, but the Supreme Court had turned down his request only this week. Mr. Chauvin’s efforts were unsuccessful.

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In exchange for Mr. Chauvin’s guilty plea in his federal case, the prosecutors agreed to let him serve out his time in a federal prison rather than a state prison. This is because federal prisons are generally seen as being safer than state prisons.

Prior to that, Mr. Chauvin had been required to spend the entirety of his state term in solitary confinement in the state of Minnesota, where he was spending his time. According to a statement made by a spokeswoman for the state prison system at the time, Mr. Chauvin had been placed in isolation due to concerns regarding his safety.

There have been several other high-profile attacks on federal prisoners in recent years, including the stabbing of Larry Nassar in January of this year, who had been convicted of sexually abusing young gymnasts, and the killing of James (Whitey) Bulger in 2018, who was a mobster who was murdered in a West Virginia prison. Both of these incidents occurred in 2018.

On Friday, the Associated Press was the first news organization to announce that Mr. Chauvin had been stabbed.

As a result of the general scarcity of prison officers, the Bureau of Prisons has been forced to rely on teachers, case managers, counselors, facilities workers, and secretaries to fill shifts in order to maintain operations.

During the course of the trial, a paramedic gave testimony that by the time he got at the scene, Mr. Floyd did not have a pulse and appeared to have already passed away. Derek Smith, a paramedic, stated that he and other emergency care personnel used a device to try to restart Mr. Floyd’s heart, but that nothing worked.

Mr. Floyd ultimately passed away. A little over an hour after the police had contacted Mr. Floyd, he was ultimately pronounced dead at a hospital. The time of his death was just a little over an hour.

After three weeks of testimony during the trial in April 2021, the jury debated for approximately ten hours before finding Mr. Chauvin guilty of all of the charges he was facing in the state case. The judge, Peter A. Cahill, handed down a sentence of 22.5 years in jail to the defendant.

Carolyn Pawlenty, Mr. Chauvin’s mother, spoke up during his sentence in June 2021 and claimed that her son was a nice man who had been falsely portrayed as racist. She presented evidence to support her claim that he was innocent of killing Mr. Floyd.

“The public will never know the loving and caring man that he is,” Ms. Pawlenty remarked about her husband. “But his family does,” you may say.

A little more than a year later, Mr. Chauvin was sentenced to serve 21 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to violating Mr. Floyd’s constitutional rights by using excessive force while acting under the color of the law. The violation occurred while Mr. Chauvin was in the custody of Mr. Floyd.


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