After their loss to Baltimore, the Dolphins’ chances of making the playoffs are clear


The humiliating defeat that the Miami Dolphins suffered at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday prevented them from securing the AFC East championship. As a result, the Miami Dolphins’ Week 18 finale against the Buffalo Bills will be a “winner take all” contest.

While that is unquestionable, what has also become more apparent is the potential opponents that the Dolphins may face in the first round, depending on the outcome of their game versus Buffalo.

In light of the fact that ties are extremely uncommon, the following range of possibilities is all based on the assumption that there will be no games that end in a tie during Week 18.

The answer to this one is straightforward: if the Dolphins are victorious vs Buffalo, they will not only win the AFC East but also become the second-best seed in the AFC, behind only the Ravens.

As a result, the Dolphins would be confronted in the first round by the seventh-ranked team, and at this point, it appears that this would be either a rematch of the Bills’ visit to Hard Rock Stadium or a visit from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And the answer is as straightforward as the outcome of the game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

On the following Sunday, if the Dolphins are victorious and Pittsburgh is victorious over the Ravens, the first-round playoff game that will take place at Hard Rock Stadium will be between Pittsburgh and Miami.

If the Dolphins are victorious on the following Sunday and the Ravens are defeated by the Steelers, then the first-round playoff game will be played between Buffalo and Miami.

If Buffalo were to suffer a defeat on the following Sunday, they would finish with a record of 10-7, but they would have a conference record of 6-6, which would be the worst record of any team that could finish with a record of 10-7.

As of right now, Jacksonville, Houston, and Indianapolis are all tied for first place in the AFC South with 9-7 records. As of next week, Houston and Indianapolis will be competing against one other.

If Jacksonville prevails, the Jaguars will be able to claim the AFC South championship. Additionally, the winner of the game between Houston and Indianapolis would be able to secure the sixth seed, which would put them ahead of Buffalo, who has a record of 10-7.

With a victory at Baltimore, however, the Steelers would be able to secure the seventh seed, which would put them ahead of the Bills. This is also due to the fact that they have a better conference record than Buffalo.

In the event that Tennessee is victorious over Jacksonville, the AFC South will be awarded to the winner of the game between Houston and Indianapolis. While Buffalo will be in the playoffs regardless, the Steelers have the potential to secure the final playoff place if they win their game against Baltimore.

It is also possible that Jacksonville will wind up with the seventh spot if the Jaguars are defeated and the Steelers are defeated at Baltimore.


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