EastEnders reveals new baby narrative for Whitney before leave


A fresh baby plot for Whitney Dean has been announced by EastEnders, which comes ahead of Shona McGarty’s departure from the character of Whitney Dean.

Following the tragic death of their infant daughter Peach earlier this year, Whitney and her partner Zack Hudson have lately came to the conclusion that they will pursue a career as foster parents together.

Whitney will, however, learn that she is pregnant once more in scenes that are scheduled to air throughout the course of the New Year.

Devastated by the news that foster child Ashton would be moving to a new family, the pair struggles to cope with the situation.

EastEnders reveals new baby narrative

Zack drowns his sorrows at Peggy’s, while Sonia desperately attempts to cheer up Whitney at their New Year’s Eve party. Both of them are struggling to comprehend the situation.

In spite of the fact that she is not in the mood for a party, Whitney returns to No. 3B, where she is taken aback by the news that she is pregnant after taking a test.

The following day, Zack goes home and is taken aback by the shocking news that Whitney is expecting a child. As the two of them discuss the news, Ashton’s social worker interrupts them and interrupts them.

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After that, an ecstatic Whitney breaks the news to Sonia, and the two of them proceed to return to No. 25 in order to take another test, while Reiss and Zack go out to have a drink together.

Later on, while Whitney is visiting Peach’s tree, she is thinking about the news. However, she is interrupted by Yolande, who has come to share her own experiences with fostering. This causes Whitney to break down and tell the news that she is expecting a child.

After having a conversation with her, Whitney comes to a conclusion regarding her pregnancy and then returns to No. 3B.

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Chris Clenshaw, the head of EastEnders, continued to be “tight-lipped” about the intricacies of the storyline when he teased it earlier this year. However, he did disclose that “[Whitney] and Zack have a little Christmas/New Year miracle.”

In the meantime, McGarty recently discussed her decision to leave her role as Whitney, referring to it as “the end of an era.”

“The door is always open, and I have the option to return at any time in the future. In the present moment, however, I would like to pursue activities that are close to my heart, such as singing; these are activities that I have been imagining doing since I was a child.

According to an interview with Inside Soap, she says, “EastEnders has been incredible; I just want to do other things.”


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