An Ex-Trump Aide Tells Joe Biden What to Expect From Trump


Alyssa Farah Griffin, a communications director for the Trump White House, issued a warning about how Republicans and former President Donald Trump are now “going to play dirty” by targeting President Joe Biden in response to the report that the special counsel has compiled over his retention of sensitive documents.

In his assessment that was made public on Thursday, Robert Hur stated that Biden had intentionally kept highly sensitive information within his possession, but he stated that criminal charges were not required.

Additionally, Biden has expressed his displeasure with Hur because he has questioned the president’s mental health.

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At a conversation with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Griffin described the article as “a tremendous gift” for Trump.

It was acknowledged by her that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden had a problem with their numbers. The perception of the two is the actual problem here, despite the fact that both of them have made mistakes and been called into question regarding their mental acuity.

Griffin made the observation that the notion that Biden was too old for the job, which was promoted by the Republican Party, was “the single greatest vulnerability” to him winning reelection in November.

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“We’re more or less told that Joe Biden would not be mentally competent to sit trial in the case, had this gone to trial,” she said. “If I’m writing the advertisements for the Trump team, they’re going to say that,” she said.

“Now it wasn’t, he was exonerated, but we are not living in an era of goodwill in politics when we should expect the Republican side to rise to the occasion and take the high ground. This is going to be a dirty game for them.”

Griffin stated that they are going to weaponize the information that we saw in this report on his age. And I’m not sure that Vice President Biden is ready to fight back against it as vigorously as he has to.”


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