Florida Woman Missing for 12 Years Found Dead in Disney World Pond by Volunteer Divers


Andra Lemire vanished without a trace in the year 2012, shortly after traveling to Florida to go on a date with a man she had met online. After more than a decade has passed, it would appear that her body has been discovered.

The volunteer dive group Sunshine State Sonar, which has made it its mission to locate missing persons and/or automobiles in the waterways of Florida, asserts that it discovered the vehicle that Lemire was last seen in on the day that she went missing.

According to the organization, it was found in a retention pond that was located close to Disney World.

Since July of 2022, the volunteers have been searching for Lemire in the waterways. They have reported that with the assistance of investigators from the Orlando Police Department, they have been able to examine 63 different bodies of water during that time period.

This weekend’s search was spurred by further information that was presented by detectives from the Orlando Police Department, according to a statement that Sunshine State Sonar posted on social media.

“With the new information, one of our incredible team members in Virginia began mapping new locations, which included a variety of highway locations,” the statement reads.

Florida Woman Missing for 12 Years Found Dead in Disney World Pond

The organization claims that it received a sonar ping on December 30 at the little retention pond that is located on the side of the Interstate 4 freeway in Kissimmee, close to the exit for Disney World. A vehicle that was submerged in water around 14 feet deep was then discovered by the squad.

They dressed up and plunged into the water in order to search for license plate information, which was found to be identical to the vehicle that Lemire was last seen in. There was also the recovery of remains.

According to WESH News, the crew made certain to contact Lemire’s family as soon as possible in order to inform them of the discovery.

The volunteers, who have not asked for anything in return, have provided Lemire’s son and ex-husband with the opportunity to finally put an end to their grief. They have stated that they have found closure as a result of the volunteers’ efforts.

“What he did was truly remarkable. According to the outlet, Timothy Lemire Jr. made the following statement about Mike Sullivan, the leader of the Sunshine State Sonar team: “And without him and his team, none of this would have been possible.” They did not make a request for one dollar. That is nothing more than the generosity of their heart.

As reported by WESH News, the Orlando Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office all responded to aid in the recovery of the vehicle on Sunday.

The investigation into the discovery is currently underway, and the Orlando police department anticipates providing additional details as soon as they are made available.

The Florida Highway Patrol has stated that it is in charge of the investigation into the crash, and that investigators are presently waiting for the Medical Examiner’s Office to identify the remains.

It will be the seventh time that Sunshine State Sonar has been successful in locating a missing person if the remains are positively recognized as belonging to Sandra Lemire.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, who have been there for us throughout this ordeal. We are saddened by the circumstances, but we are grateful that we were able to aid in bringing her back home. Sunshine State Sonar released a statement saying, “Rest in peace, Sandra, you are finally home.”


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