King Frederik’s’mistress’ Genoveva Casanova speaks days after Queen Mary’s momentous statement


Following the publication of the allegations in the tabloids, the high-profile Mexican socialite who is said to have had an affair with King Frederik in Madrid behind Queen Mary’s back has now broken her social media embargo. The allegations were public many months ago.

Genoveva Casanova, who is 47 years old and was born in Mexico, is also a member of the Spanish nobility. She currently resides in Madrid, which is also the location where she is said to have had a brief affair with the Crown Prince of Denmark, who was in power at the time.

On Tuesday, Ms. Casanova made her return to Instagram and uploaded a brief video that was initially posted by Miguel Bose, a Spanish musician and actor. The film was about children who were working in cobalt mines in the Congo.

Genoveva Casanova speaks days after Queen Mary's

Despite the fact that Ms. Casanova has emphatically denied that she and Frederik have ever been romantically involved, photographs that were taken in October showing Frederik, who is 55 years old, spending time in Madrid with Ms. Casanova generated a commotion.

In the photographs that were released by the Spanish publication Lecturas, the two were seen spending the day and evening together, and they even went to visit a Picasso show.

After getting into a change of clothes and going out for dinner once more, the couple was photographed taking a stroll through a park. After that, they went back to Ms. Casanova’s apartment. The photographs were taken during a peaceful stroll through the park.

On the next day, Frederik was captured on camera leaving the flat where Ms. Casanova occupied.

Casanova issued a statement in response to the publication of photographs of Prince Frederik and herself, stating, “I categorically deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederik and me.”

Mary and Frederik have never publicly addressed the charges; but, during a Christmas message, the prince, who was born in Australia, did make a cryptic reference about loneliness.

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After reflecting on the past year, the Queen of Denmark wrote a letter that was published on the website of her flagship Mary Foundation. In the letter, she pondered that “time is a peculiar quantity.”

In December, the individual, who was 51 years old at the time, said, “We need each other if we want to succeed.”

In addition, this is not something that is simply applicable to the working world and to those of us who are attempting to curb social isolation.

Ms. Casanova is said to have fled the Spanish capital for San Sebastian in order to “disconnect” from public life in the midst of the consequences of the rumors, which surfaced once more after Queen Margrethe announced her intention to abdicate on New Year’s Eve.

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Ms. Casanova was reportedly “in hiding” and had her phone turned off, according to friends of the socialite who addressed the Spanish media.

Susanna Griso, a journalist, stated on Espejo Público that her friends have informed her that she is experiencing a substantial amount of difficulty currently.

As of right now, she is hiding out, and she has turned off her cell phone since she does not want anyone to call her.


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