Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway hails ‘amazing’ viewers on comeback


During her return to hosting Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kate Garraway expressed her gratitude to viewers for their “incredible” support.

She returned to the ITV breakfast show less than a week after the funeral of her husband Derek Draper, and she did it in order to continue his legacy.

Although Garraway, who is 56 years old, expressed that it was “lovely” to be back, she had a “wobbly” feeling.

She further stated: “The make-up girls had me in tears this morning just by saying hello.”

After remarking that she done her husband proud with the “extraordinary funeral,” co-host Ben Shephard stated that he would allow Garraway some “leeway” in her decision-making during the funeral.

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway hails
Photo: BBC

On Monday, Garraway made a brief cameo on Good Morning Britain (GMB), after which he went back to his position as a presenter.

“Thank you to each and every one of you there at home as well,” she remarked. Despite the fact that I brought it up on Monday, I must say that you have been outstanding.

“It was really lovely as well to feel so much love from everybody here.”

During the coronavirus pandemic that occurred in March of 2020, Draper became gravely ill and remained in the hospital for a little more than a year before being allowed to get care at home following his discharge.

After enduring symptoms for a considerable amount of time, he passed away on January 3 of this year, at the age of 56.

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The wedding took place in September of 2005 between Draper, a former political lobbyist, and Garraway.

An ex-prime minister named Tony Blair, a musician named Elton John, and a leader of the Labour Party named Keir Starmer were among those who attended his funeral in north London.

Later on in the show, entertainment reporter Richard Arnold made a comment about the funeral, stating that it was a “extraordinary send-off for such a wonderful man.” Arnold also joked that when he was in attendance, an entire tray of champagne was knocked over him.

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“It was very much like a wedding in Greece, wasn’t it? In an instant, there was a clattering sound coming from the tray, the flutes of champagne, and everything else…

The fact that he added, “I was drenched and I had to wait a good half an hour before I left, and when I got back to look after my mother, she went, ‘Have you had a drink?'” caused Garraway and Shephard to laugh out loud.

Arnold also mentioned that there was a “gush of emotion” when Garraway returned home, and he added, “It’s lovely to have you home.”

One of the responses that Shephard read out was that it was “great to see Kate back with her sidekick Ben.” Shephard then read out other notes that people had written in.

In addition to that, he shared a selfie on social media that showed him and Garraway back together, along with the caption, “Morning! It is wonderful to have Kate back with us, and we are grateful for all of the messages that we have already received.

“You’ll be pleased to know I’m already tidying up after her, so things are getting back to normal.”


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