Gov. Healey Nominates Three Expert Probate and Family Court Attorneys for Boston


The Probate and Family Court is a region where familial disagreements and the fragility of human ties come to the forefront. Governor Maura T. Healey has proposed three new attorneys for the Probate and Family Court, which would bring three new faces to the bench of the Boston court system.

They are Manisha Bhatt, Bernadette Stark, and Michelle Yee, and the destiny of these individuals are currently in the hands of the Governor’s Council. These three individuals have been selected for these crucial judicial posts.

“Throughout the course of their careers, each of these three attorneys has demonstrated a profound commitment to assisting families and children,” Healey said, highlighting the breadth of knowledge that each nominee brings to the table.

As candidates who are well-known for their legal expertise and compassion, which is an equally vital quality when families find themselves in the position of seeking justice, they are in a position to potentially join the court that deals with the most personal issues that life presents.

It is now the responsibility of the Governor’s Council to conduct a comprehensive investigation on them in order to determine whether or not they will be appointed to the position of justice.

With over twenty years of experience working at Greater Boston Legal Services, Manisha Bhatt has taken on the role of a legal guardian for those who are disadvantaged, notably immigrants who frequently have difficulties in navigating the complex legal system.

Due to her unwavering commitment to the “Know Your Rights” campaign, she has garnered both praise and admiration for her work in the field of legal education.

She brings a depth of knowledge in both civil litigation and probate, which Bernadette Stark brings to the table.

She climbed her way out of a New York neighborhood that was rife with crime, transforming her past into a profession that is distinguished by a dedication to ensuring that justice reaches every family that is in crisis. Stark is a symbol of resiliency and optimism.

As the third member of the team, Michelle Yee brings 18 years of experience working in the Probate and Family Court systems.

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She has been instrumental in the process of modernizing court operations through the Pathways Case Management Initiative’s implementation.

In the beginning of this year, Governor Healey selected Stephanie L. Everett to serve as the Suffolk Register of Probate. This selection establishes a precedent for the governor’s approach to family and probate court appointments, which is centered on a combination of empathy and efficiency.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Probate and Family Court, additional information can be found on the homepage of the court.

The voices of affirmation were further bolstered by Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, who stated, “Governor Healey and I are thrilled to submit these three attorneys for consideration to the Governor’s Council.”

It is possible that their confirmation would be a huge boost to a judicial body that works hard to strike a careful balance between the scales of justice for families in Massachusetts when they are going through the most difficult times.

There is a building tale regarding the progression of their nominations, and both the legal community and the general public are keeping a careful eye on it.


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