Buenos Aires Province Governor Axel Kicillof reappointed


Axel Kicillof, the governor of Buenos Aires Province, was sworn in for his second term on Monday, following his victory in the elections held in October.

The ceremony, which was broadcast on the YouTube account of the province government, was attended by a large number of previous government officials and prominent Peronist figures.

Among those who were present was Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who served as vice president in the past and is currently the political boss of the governor.

Governor Axel Kicillof

In addition, prominent academics, leaders of historically significant human rights organizations, and members of associated labor unions were present for the celebration of Kicillof’s inauguration.

In addition, Deputy Governor Verónica Magario was sworn in, and she was also given the opportunity to extend her tenure for an additional four years.

A speech that lasted for close to forty minutes was delivered by Kicillof, in which he defended his record as governor and pledged to safeguard citizens from the economic slump.

In the beginning, he expressed his gratitude to his Cabinet, politicians, family, and friends. He also paid tribute to Fernández de Kirchner, who was there on the balcony with Kicillof’s wife and children.

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Kicillof paid respect to the people who live in the province with the highest population in the country.

The re-election of this candidate takes place in the midst of widespread societal upheaval, which has resulted in the collapse of numerous ruling party administrations. In spite of everything, we were elected,” he reiterated.

“They valued what we’ve done in very complex conditions, but above all else, this government was elected once again knowing that by voting for us, you don’t vote for a mechanical continuity, but rather the continuation of the transformation of Buenos Aires Province,” he asserted.

“They’ve shown their appreciation for what we’ve accomplished in a very difficult situation.”

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Milei was assaulted verbally by Kicillof, who fired a number of rounds at her. The fact that we still have a long way to go in order to guarantee that everyone has a decent life, in peace, with less fear and uncertainty is something that we are aware of.

As a result of this, we come into this re-election with optimism, but we do not have an excessive amount of confidence,” he stated.

“It is our duty to say it. In spite of all the challenges, the people of Buenos Aires Province have evaluated what is lacking in terms of housing, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. These are things that you cannot acquire with a chainsaw or with an adjustment! he remarked, referring to Milei without specifically mentioning him.

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have been exposed to “outrageous things about the resources received by Buenos Aires Province,” as stated by Kicillof.

The assertion that he made was that our province was the one that spent the least amount of resources on each individual resident in the previous year.

In this context, the Kirchnerite leader emphasized the contribution that the province gives to the concept of income sharing with the federal government and brought up a potential future claim that may be brought up on the national agenda within the next few weeks: Our contribution to the government revenue sharing program is close to forty percent. It is not much more than twenty percent that we receive.

He proceeded by saying, “Our province is the one that contributes the most to the gross domestic product and added value, the one that has welcomed the most migrants, and the one that has enormous social housing infrastructure debts that we have to acknowledge and settle.”

Attack on Milei

A different section of the article contained Kiciloff’s preemptive criticism of the economic measures that Milei is expected to implement.

Nationwide, a region that does not belong to us was victorious in the election. Nevertheless, the reality is that we are not required to rule solely for a provincial force. The Governor of an island is not someone I am.

Kicillof made the announcement to a round of applause, “I am the Governor of nearly forty percent of the people in Argentina, and their quality of life is largely dependent on what the national government does or does not do.”

“Civil rights were expanded, that much is true, but four years later, inflation kept on growing and reached upsetting levels,” Kicillof said after summarizing the government of former President Mauricio Macri. He then went on to give his perspective on the collapse of Peronism over the entire country.

It was not possible to recover the revenue, and as a result, the circumstances for a peaceful everyday existence were not created. The fact that we were unable to provide a response to these requirements as a political force is unquestionably one of the factors that contributed to the outcome of the election, as Kicillof had stated.

“Néstor and Cristina won two re-elections in the first round at their time for governing boldly and implementing policies that substantially improved the quality of life of the people,” he recalled. “They were able to do this thanks to their boldness.”

“Those twelve wonderful years should not be the source of nostalgia or melancholy,” he said. “Rather, they should be turned into a manual about how to rule with courage and love for the homeland by the majority of people.”

Although Kicillof believes that Milei’s initiatives will neither result in “a better economy” or a better society, he nonetheless stated that he respects the mandate that the new administration has been given.

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It will be necessary for us to coexist with a national government whose aims we do not agree with, but whose legitimacy in the eyes of the people we respect. As he pointed out, their propositions are, in a variety of respects, the complete antithesis of the way that we view life and the world.

In this vein, Kicillof issued a warning, saying, “We also ask for respect for the will of the majority of citizens of this province who supported us in our project for development, inclusion, and defense of rights, which we will carry out in the province of Buenos Aires.”

In addition to this, he insisted that Milei assume his duty as president “with responsibility and patriotism” and emphasized that “society did not vote for revenge or sacrifices; society aspires for the recovery, which they will have to lead.”

In his declaration, he stated, “Rest assured that the majority of Argentines did not choose a decrease in salaries, the destruction of production and industrial jobs, let alone a pardon for genocides or the privatization of public education and healthcare.”

In conclusion, Kicillof made a clear allusion to libertarians when he stated, “Dignity is not traded.” There is no correlation between rights and monetary benefit. As opposed to being a calculation or a transaction, solidarity is not.


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