Granddaughter of Biden says Jesse Watters ‘Crossed the Line’ With Fatherhood Attack


The granddaughter of former Vice President Joe Biden, Noami Biden, stated that the host of Fox News, Jesse Watters, went too far when he likened the president’s abilities as a father to his management of the southern border.

Watters was quoted as saying, “I knew Biden was bad on the border because the man’s not the best father,” in a video that was published by Naomi Biden to X, which was formerly known as Twitter.

At the moment, the White House is in a stalemate with the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. A ruling by the Supreme Court that granted an emergency request by the administration to remove razor wire border barriers in Eagle Pass was criticized by the Republican governor of the state.

Additionally, Abbott is continuing to transport thousands of migrants to other cities by bus, and a new law in Texas that expands the rights of local authorities may be setting the stage for a significant judicial struggle.

In order to defend his measures, Abbot’s stated that they were a reaction to the fact that the federal government did not take any action during record crossings.

During the episode of The Five that aired on Wednesday, Watters attacked the president for his stance on the border and cited Hunter Biden’s history of drug addiction to illustrate his argument.

Naomi Biden referred to Watters’ personal attack as “ugly” and accused him of being offensive. Both her father, Hunter Biden, and her mother, Kathleen Buhle, are lawyers, and Noami Biden is their daughter.

Image Credit: Yahoo

“Because I have been exposed to so many falsehoods concerning my family, it takes a lot to get me angry. This goes beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior,” Noami Biden stated.

It is hard to understand how this individual can call himself a reporter, and I sincerely hope that he does not have any children who are struggling with anything. It is possible to disagree with his policies without showing such a negative attitude.

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With the intention of gaining political points, Hunter Biden has accused Republicans of taking advantage of his history of drug addiction and the support of his father.

On the same day that he was scheduled to give testimony behind closed doors as part of the impeachment investigation being conducted by Republicans, the president’s son made his remarks during a press conference that took place on Capitol Hill a month ago.

The claims of corruption that have been leveled against Hunter Biden and his father by Republicans have been refuted by Hunter Biden, who has demanded a public hearing.


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