Hamzah Sheeraz stops veteran Liam Williams in the first round after dropping him twice


There is a clear indication that Hamzah Sheeraz poses a genuine risk to anyone.

On Saturday night in London, the 24-year-old competitor who weighs 160 pounds was able to put the experienced Liam Williams down twice and finally stop him, thereby passing the most important test of his career. The fight lasted for less than a full round.

The official time of the halt in Round 1 was 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

Williams, who had a record of 25-5-1 with 20 knockouts, had suffered consecutive defeats at the hands of Demetrius Andrade and Chris Eubank in 2021 and 2022, but he had recovered by claiming victory over two journeymen.

With the exception of one fight (against Liam Smith), in which he quit due to a nasty cut, the tenacious Welshman had never been stopped in his whole career, which spanned a decade.

Sheeraz couldn’t care less about any of that, and he didn’t waste any time in demonstrating to his more experienced opponent who was the boss.

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About a minute into the fight, the Englishman, who stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches, knocked Williams down with a left hand, which marked the beginning of the fight in earnest. About a minute later, Sheeraz delivered a right uppercut to Williams, which clearly caused him to be injured and caused him to fall to the canvas once more.

Sheeraz landed virtually at will after the second knockdown, which prompted trainer Gary Lockett to stop the fight. Williams was able to get back up and continue the fight, but Sheeraz landed almost at will.

As a result of his training in Los Angeles, Sheeraz is ranked by three of the four major sanctioning organizations, with the World Boxing Council placing him as high as fourth. The combination of this and the stunning knockout he achieved on Saturday leaves little room for dispute that he is a viable contender for the crown.


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