Indiyah Polack defendsfriend Nella Rose after she attacked Fred Sirieix on I’m A Celebrity: ‘His huge personality might be bossy’


Indiyah Polack, Nella Rose‘s companion, has come to her defense after the latter was criticized by viewers for her behavior toward Fred Sirieix during her appearance on I’m a Celebrity… I need to get out of this place!

The First Dates star, who is 51 years old, made a joke about being old enough to be the influencer’s father, which caused the 26-year-old woman to lose her cool.

Nella, on the other hand, took his comments out of context and labeled her fellow camper impolite just a few hours after disclosing that she had been orphaned by the loss of both of her parents.

Indiyah, 24, a former contestant on Love Island, made an appearance on the edition of Lorraine that aired on Wednesday to defend her friend Nella and explain that she anticipated a conflict between Fred and Nella.

Indiyah Polack defendsfriend Nella Rose

She remarked, “I just feel from first impressions, Fred has such a big personality and it could maybe come across as bossy and Nella has a big personality herself so I could see them clashing, I didn’t expect it to be over this.” She was referring to the fact that Fred has such a huge personality that it may possibly come across as bossy. Nella also has a strong personality.

Indiyah continued by saying that she does not believe Fred intended anything negative by his comment and that perhaps the strains of living in the bush contributed to the tension.

She was quoted as saying, “I don’t think Fred had any nefarious intentions.” However, none of us are Nella, sweating it out in the bush while subsisting on rice and beans. I sincerely hope that they are able to move on from it.

Lorraine said that Nella would have been better off addressing the issue immediately after it was said by Fred rather than waiting until the following morning to discuss it. She mentioned this since Nella had waited until the next morning to discuss it

Indiyah was quoted as saying, “I believe the entire situation should be taken with a grain of salt.” Fred could have given some thought to the possibility, given that he was aware that Nella’s father had passed away

According to the results of a survey taken among Lorraine viewers, an incredible 97% of viewers were on Fred’s side, while only 3% were on Nella’s side.

It comes after viewers of I’m a Celebrity were left angry after Nella erupted at Fred and called her “vile and entitled.”

Nella yelled out while the maitre d’ attempted to apologize, “I’m not stupid, you’re not going to little girl me, you’re not,” in response to the maitre d’s apology.

On the social media platform X, which was formerly known as Twitter, incensed followers voiced their opinion that she need to issue an immediate apology for her “way over the top” outburst.

A second participant wrote, “Can’t be dealing with that Nella Rose on I’m a Celeb, poor Fred getting load of crap off her for a misunderstanding on her part,” during this time.

Another person commented that “That Nella on I’m a Celeb is one of the most vile people I’ve ever watched.”

And: “Don’t know how to feel about Nella’s attitude on I’m a Celeb, I mean I get it but you can see Fred didn’t mean it in that way.” (And) “Don’t know how to feel about Nella’s attitude on I’m a Celeb.”

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A fifth voiced their frustration, saying, “Get Nella out of there now, Fred is one of the nicest guys in there.”

Another person commented, saying, “Sat watching I’m a Celeb and that f***** Nella girl getting upset because Fred said he could be her dad clearly because of the age difference… f*** off you stupid little entitled girl creating problems where there wasn’t one.”

During a conversation with his fellow campers at a different point in the program, Marvin Humes disclosed the somewhat unconventional approach he took in courting his wife Rochelle.

The pop musician, who is 38 years old and who married the former singer of The Saturdays, who is 34, in 2012, and who together have three children, also revealed that the couple had a good time on their first date, which took place in an unglamorous car park.

Following the revelation made by Sam Thompson that his girlfriend Zara McDermott’slid into his DMs,’ Marvin stated the following: “I met Rochelle when JLS and The Saturdays were doing shows together.” I never stopped going around telling the guys, “I really like her, and I think she’s hot.”

After doing a play together in Ireland one evening, we went to a local nightclub where we continued our conversation and found that we got along famously. Do I have it right that she went to the restroom? It turns out that she forgot her handbag right here with me at the table.

He continued by saying, “So then, I thought, right, got her phone out, and called myself so that I could get her phone number.” After bugging her for close to a quarter of a year, she finally agreed to go out with me.

Marvin continued by saying, “[Our first date was] in the McDonald’s car park in Wembley, and that was our first date.” After a little over 13 years, here we are with our three children.  I can’t believe how fortunate I am!

Marvin and Rochelle are the parents of three children: a daughter named Alaia-Mai, who is ten years old; a daughter named Valentina Raine, who is six years old; and a son named Blake Hampton, who is three years old.

Later on in the conversation, Fred Sirieix, who is 51 years old, discussed his first encounter with his fiancee Fruitcake, who frequently appears with him on Celebrity Gogglebox.

Saying something along the lines of, “I met her in Peckham; I was walking up and she was smiling at me and I was smiling at her; I liked the look in her eyes; I just had to talk to her.”

“I asked for her number, and I asked her, ‘Shall we go for a drink tonight?'” That happened back in 2009. We are going to have our wedding in Jamaica the following year.

Sam then offered to the other guys that they have their stag do in Sin City, and they all laughed as they said, “We’re going Vegas!” If you give me the opportunity to plan it, I guarantee that you will have an incredible time.’


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