Joanna Shares Emotional Changes in Her Relationship With Chip


An eventful year has been had by Joanna Gaines. Considering that she is the interior designer half of the Fixer Upper duo on HGTV, she is certain to be going through a lot when it comes to her thoughts and feelings.

She is planning and celebrating 20 years of Magnolia (and marriage to Chip) with this year’s Silobration, and she is also the power couple opening Hotel 1928.

The hosts of the podcast This Morning Walk, Alex Elle and Libby Delana, sat down with Gaines to discuss a wide range of topics related to relationships and children in the most recent edition of the podcast.

Despite the fact that we are only watchers of the Fixer Upper reality, we are able to observe that Joanna is typically the more level-headed individual in the relationship. Chip is able to crack jokes, and Jo is able to talk the talk, which results in an admirable balance.

It is likely that this equilibrium is what has made it possible for them to have five children, to operate a business that has been extremely successful, and to always emerge victorious from any struggle together.

Joanna, on the other hand, reveals in the podcast that she has lately undergone a transformation in the manner in which she handles any emotional situation, as well as Chip’s perspective on the matter.

“…I have the impression that I just went through a midlife crisis! Gaines asks out loud, “Aren’t we all?” “I am not an extremely emotional person; Chip is the one who is emotional, but I have become something that he does not comprehend at this point.

He says something to the effect of, “You cry all the time,” and I respond by saying, “I’m just making up for the twenty years that I have been emotionally numb!” Gaines continues by stating that she is taking pleasure in the sudden shift that has occurred in her life, that she is accepting her emotions, and that she is not going to fight the impulse to cry whenever the need arises.

“Letting go of things and letting them out is a great way to recover…What she says to the hosts of the podcast is, “Now I just love crying.” “It feels good to feel.”

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The emotional transformation that Gaines experiences comes at a crucial juncture in her life as a mother, in addition to the personal changes that she is experiencing and the day-to-day things that arise.

Due to the fact that their eldest child, Drake, graduated from high school earlier this year and is now attending college, the entrepreneur is forced to deal with a nest that is missing one kid and must confront the fact that Drake is only the first of the children to go.

“I have always stated that I am not a fan of change…Gaines states, “I have taught myself to exercise a muscle that I was completely unaware I possessed.” He goes on to argue that Chip is the complete opposite of Gaines. “But my son leaves for college, that change is a different thing as a mother.”

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It is a “beautiful disruption” to their lives, she continues, despite the fact that it is different from what they have been experiencing. “It’s like holding sadness and joy all in one thing.”

As a result of the fact that their other children are 17, 15, and five years old, Gaines is aware that the shift from having seven people in the house to having only three people will occur very quickly.

On the other hand, she is making a concerted effort to take everything in stride and to view everything from a more optimistic perspective. “I’ve never felt so deep as a mother this connection you can have with a kid and even just home,” according to Gaines.


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