Joe Rogan’s $250 Million Spotify Deal Renewal Ends Exclusiveness


The controversial podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” has signed a new collaboration deal with Spotify that will last for many years and is estimated to be worth up to $250 million according to reports. Rogan’s popular program, which has been available on Spotify alone for the past three years, will now be made available on other audio platforms as a result of the new agreement.

Additionally, Rogan’s program will soon be accessible on additional providers, such as Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube, in addition to its continuous availability on Spotify.

The decision was made in accordance with Spotify’s revamped strategy, which began in 2023 and encourages the firm to give up exclusive streaming rights in favor of wider distribution. The Wall Street Journal was the first to disclose that Rogan had renewed his contract with Spotify.

According to Spotify, the company will collaborate closely with Rogan and his crew in order to “continue to maximize the audience of the show across diverse platforms.”

As part of the new agreement, Spotify will be in charge of podcast distribution as well as the selling of advertisements. A predetermined minimum fee will be paid to Rogan by Spotify, and he will also earn a portion of the revenue generated from advertisements.

As part of an agreement that was signed in 2020, “The Joe Rogan Experience” became exclusive to Spotify. According to insiders, the arrangement was worth more than $200 million over the course of three and a half years.

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Over the course of the past three years, Rogan’s program has consistently ranked as the most popular show found on the platform.

Joe Rogan's $250 Million Spotify Deal

On his podcast, “JRE,” the comedian-actor turned podcaster frequently invites guests who are known to be controversial. As a result, Rogan and Spotify have been subjected to criticism for certain aspects of the show’s content.

This includes a boycott of Spotify by a number of musicians, including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, in the beginning of 2022 due to Rogan’s episodes that were critical of vaccination shots.

Rogan has also been under fire for propagating “antisemitic tropes” and for his comment to guest Tom Segura that “Maybe you should just go shoot the homeless people.” Both accusations have been brought against him.

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In February of 2022, Spotify removed seventy episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” from its streaming service because the host had used the N-word in those episodes. Rogan referred to the criticism that he received over his use of the phrase as “a political hit job.”

Spotify has recently altered its rules in order to broaden the distribution of another popular podcast, Alex Cooper‘s “Call Her Daddy,” which had previously been an exclusive to Spotify.

This new partnership with Rogan comes after the business recently renewed its agreement with Rogan. According to Spotify, “Call Her Daddy” is the podcast that users who identify as female listeners on the platform find most enjoyable.


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