Marvel actor, Jonathan Majors has been found guilty of abusing his ex-girlfriend


At the conclusion of a trial that took place in New York, the American actor Jonathan Majors was convicted guilty of beating his girlfriend at the time.

The jury came to the conclusion that Majors, who is perhaps best known for his role as Kang in the Marvel films, assaulted Grace Jabbari, a British choreographer, after an altercation in March.

A fractured finger, bruising, a cut behind her ear, and “excruciating” agony were some of the injuries she reported to the court after the incident.

Majors, who is 34 years old, has been removed from prominent parts in upcoming Marvel films and faces a possible sentence of up to one year in prison.

The decision of the jury, which consisted of six individuals, was made public on Monday, after they had deliberated for three days.

According to the reporters who were present in court, Majors pursed his lips and looked downwards as their verdict was read out loud. However, he did not exhibit any other forms of expression.

After the verdict was handed down, a representative from Marvel stated that the company will not be continuing to collaborate with Majors on any future projects.

Ms. Jabbari discovered a text message from another lady on Majors’ phone that said, “Wish I was kissing you right now.” The crime occurred when the couple was traveling in a vehicle in New York. The message was sent through Majors’ phone.

After she snatched the phone, he allegedly grabbed her, pulled her arm behind her back, and punched her in the head in an attempt to retrieve it. This is according to the prosecution.

“I felt like a hard blow across my head,” Ms. Jabbari said on behalf of the plaintiff.

He was charged with four counts of domestic abuse, and the jury decided that he was guilty of two of those accusations.

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It was determined that he was responsible for both harassment and assault by recklessly causing physical injury to another person.

On the other hand, the jury decided not to hold him accountable for the accusations of aggravated harassment and assault with the purpose to cause physical damage.

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The prosecution portrayed the assault as the most recent escalation in Majors’ attempts to “exert control” over his partner through the use of physical and mental violence. They presented the jurors with audio recordings as well as text messages that were exchanged between the defunct couple.

“You can’t trust me. An awful human being. In September of 2022, the actor sent a text message in which he threatened to take his own life, stating that he was “not capable of love.”

During the same month, Majors advised her that she needed to behave more like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama, the spouses of Martin Luther King and former President Barack Obama, according to an audio recording of an argument that took place during that same month.

“I am doing great things, not just for me but for my culture and the world,” he added, adding that she would need to “make sacrifices” for him. “I am doing great things,” that is what he stated.

Minors did not provide testimony. The attorney for the actor had contended that the actor was the victim, and that Ms. Jabbari beat him in a jealous frenzy when she saw the text message that was in the car.

She filed a countersuit against her in June, stating that she was the aggressor. However, the prosecutor’s office decided not to press charges against her because there was insufficient evidence. Majors also appeared in Creed III.

In February, the sentencing will take place. In addition, the judge issued a new protection order, which stipulated that he was not permitted to communicate with Ms. Jabbari.

According to her attorney, she was “gratified to see justice served” by the verdict, and she added that it should serve as an encouragement for other women who have been mistreated to come forward with their experiences.

According to a statement that was provided to BBC News by attorney Ross Kramer, “Ms. Jabbari testified publicly and truthfully, despite the fact that reliving these traumatic events on the witness stand was obviously painful.”

Majors’ defense team is “grateful” that the jury did not find that he had intended to cause Ms. Jabbari to sustain physical injuries, according to a statement released by a lawyer for Majors.

“Mr Majors is grateful to God, his family, his friends, and his fans for their love and support during these harrowing eight months,” according to his attorney Priya Chaudhry.

“Mr Majors still has faith in the process and looks forward to fully clearing his name.”

Following the verdict, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose office presented the criminal charges, stated that the psychological and emotional assaults carried out by the movie star were “far too common across the many intimate partner violence cases we see each and every day.” Bragg’s office was responsible for bringing the charges.

On the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where Ms. Jabbari was working as a movement coach, she had first acquainted herself with Majors two years before.


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