Jose Mourinho told Marouane Fellaini after his retirement: “I don’t forget”


Jose Mourinho informed Marouane Fellaini that he will “never forget you gave me everything” after the Belgian player declared his intention to retire.

Mourinho was the manager of Manchester United for two and a half seasons, during which time the Special One and the midfielder eventually came into contact with one another. In the immediate aftermath of his dismissal, Fellaini made the decision to move on and join the Chinese team Shandong Taishan, where he had continued to play ever since.

Now that he is 36 years old, Fellaini has made the decision to call it quits on a career that also saw him achieve success while playing for Everton and Standard Liege. His appreciation for Mourinho was demonstrated by a comment that he put on Instagram after he shared the news.

Jose Mourinho told Marouane Fellaini
Jose Mourinho has hailed his former player (Photo: Mirror)

He made the following statement: “I do not forget who gave me everything he could give.” You have always been and will continue to be one of mine. You should be proud of your profession and give those ankles some rest because they have been through a lot.

It was Fellaini himself who made a suggestion that even though his playing days are ended, he might still be able to find job in another footballing field. He stated, “As I begin this new phase of my life, I am looking forward to new challenges. However, you can rest assured that I will continue to support the beautiful game in any way that I can.” See you in a moment!

After David Moyes, who had signed the Belgian player while he was playing for Everton, became the manager of Manchester United, he made the decision to relocate the player to Manchester in 2013.

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After the Scot’s brief spell, Louis van Gaal took over as manager of the club. He made extensive use of the tall Belgian player, who had previously won the FA Cup while under the Dutch manager’s tutelage.

While they were working together, Mourinho lavished Fellaini with praise, highlighting his significance and the progress he has made over the course of their time together. The statement was made by him while he was in charge at Old Trafford: “I am very happy with him.” From the previous year, he is one of the players who has shown significant growth.

While playing in a variety of positions, he is doing well. When he is at the club, when he is staying at the club, and when he is playing for the club, you can feel his dedication, his heart, and his delight.

It is quite clear that he is demonstrating that the team is more important than any one of us, and he has made a personal sacrifice for the sake of the team.

In certain situations, he plays a more defensive role, while in other matches, he plays nearly like a striker. For example, he played like a striker in the most recent encounter [at Old Trafford], when we needed a goal and we had one man fewer than we did. Both Marouane’s consistency and his performances have left me feeling quite satisfied.


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