Josef Fritzl seeks release from prison to nursing home


An application for release from jail has been submitted by Josef Fritzl, the Austrian father who is accused of sexually assaulting and imprisoning his daughter for a period of twenty-four years in a purpose-built prison that was constructed beneath his home.

Should Astrid Wagner, Fritzl’s attorney, be successful in her appeal on his behalf, it is possible that Fritzl, who is 88 years old, may be transferred to a nursing home.

In 2009, the electrical engineer was given a sentence of life in prison for the rape, incest, and incarceration of his daughter, Elisabeth, as well as the seven children she had with him. The court determined that Fritzl was responsible for the death of one of the children, as he refused to seek medical attention for the kid.

In the year 2008, Elisabeth Fritzl was able to successfully communicate with the authorities that he was holding her captive, which led to the investigation of the matter.

She stated that he had been imprisoned underground for twenty-four years, and that prior to that, he had abused her beginning when she was eleven years old. She was then 42 years old.

When she was 18 years old, Fritzl deceived her into entering the cellar, which was constructed in the style of a cold war bunker that is commonly found in Austrian homes. During his conversation with his wife and other family members, he revealed that she had fled to join a cult.

In the beginning, his criminal activities were brought to light when a kid belonging to Elisabeth got gravely ill. He took the infant to the hospital, where the authorities made an appeal for the child’s mother to come forward.

Josef Fritzl seeks release from prison

He decided to let her out of prison so that she might introduce herself to them, and she was successful in conveying to them the circumstances of her condition.

A high-security section for mentally unstable patients is where Fritzl is being detained at Stein prison in Krems, which is located in the north-eastern part of Austria. This facility is not too distant from his previous residence in Amstetten.

In accordance with the laws of Austria, inmates have the opportunity to be eligible for conditional release after a period of 15 years; in Fritzl’s case, this would include the year 2023.

Wagner, who has paid Fritzl forty visits while he was incarcerated and who authored a book on him in 2022 titled The Abysses of Josef F, stated that she believed it was appropriate to grant his parole on the basis of the study.

I would not be afraid to move in with him in a flatshare arrangement or to live alongside him in a care facility. I would not be afraid of either of those things. She stated that he can no longer be considered sexually aroused.

He spent his days in his cell watching television, sunbathing himself through the bars of his window, and working out, she said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. She also said that he exercised.

Within the next few weeks, it is anticipated that the regional court in Krems will finally come to a ruling.


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