Josh Giddey Following claims of sexual contact with a girl minor, fans compare Karl Malone


Josh Giddey, a guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is the subject of allegations that he dated a juvenile and attempted to sexually groom her.

As a result of images and videos being posted on social media, his alleged relationship with a girl of the same age as him has become public, raising a commotion.

Giddey has made the decision to maintain a modest profile on Instagram as a direct response to these allegations. In order to avoid adding fuel to the fire of the charges, he covered up his profile picture and disabled the comment section.

Despite the fact that conversations are still taking place, the Oklahoma City Thunder have not issued a statement regarding the current situation.

The claims have prompted fans and media outlets to speculate about the potential repercussions the charges could have for Giddey’s career with the team and in the NBA as a whole.

This scenario has received a significant amount of attention from the public and the media, which has led to a variety of perspectives and fostered rumors online.

Giddey maintains his relationship with the OKC Thunder despite the claims that have been made against him because there has been no conclusive ruling regarding his standing in the NBA.

Fans compare Josh Giddey to Karl Malone after recent charges

Fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team have drawn comparisons between Josh Giddey, a player for the team, and Karl Malone in light of recent accusations regarding Giddey’s suspected contact with a minor.

This analogy originates from a situation in Malone’s history that was quite similar to the one being compared here.

When Malone was 20 years old and still playing NCAA basketball, he had a sexual encounter with a girl who was only 13 years old, and they went on to have a kid together.

Allegations of statutory rape were made against him, but the case was settled outside of court, and he was not charged with a crime as a result.

The similarities between Giddey and Malone have sparked discussions on the various outcomes that are possible for Giddey’s current situation as a result of these parallels.

Some fans have made connections between the two incidents and expressed their concerns about the ways in which the NBA would respond to situations of this nature.

This topic has received a large amount of attention on the internet, with people offering their points of view and opinions regarding the similarities that are being drawn.

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