Boyzone star Keith Duffy and Lisa Smith divorce after 25 years


Having been married for a quarter of a century, Boyzone star Keith Duffy and his fashion stylist wife Lisa Smith have decided to end their marriage.

Just prior to the holiday season, it is said that the singer, who is 49 years old, relocated out of the family house in Dublin that cost 1.15 million pounds.

Since that time, the two have stopped following each other on social media, and it is reported that Keith is “in bits” about the breakup of their relationship.

Everyone has been taken aback by it, according to a source who spoke with us. In July, they appeared to be more content than they ever had been before, as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by taking a trip of a lifetime to the French Riviera.

For the sake of their son Jay, who is 27 years old, and their daughter Mia, who is 23 years old, the source stated that they were “trying to keep the divorce civil.”

Keith Duffy and Lisa Smith divorce after 25 years
Keith and Lisa Married in Las Vegas on 24 June 1998 (Image Source: mirror)

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In 1995, Keith and Lisa first met at a nightclub in Dublin. At the time, they were expecting their first child, Jay, only nine months into their relationship.

Just two days before they tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1998, the Boyzone star, who also played the role of Ciaran McCarthy, a barman on Coronation Street, made the proposal to Lisa. On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, they posted in July gushing about each other. “Celebrating 25 years in Style,” Keith is quoted as saying.

Keith and Lisa are divorcing after 25 years together (Image Source: mirror)

The French Riviera does not fall short of expectations. In addition, he expressed gratitude to Sinead Keary, the personal shopper, “for dressing Smithy in such a seductive outfit.”

On the other hand, Lisa remarked, “I am celebrating 25 years of marriage to my best friend, which is the longest time I have ever had him home all to myself!” As much as I adore him, I am grateful for the laughter and the happiness that comes from being loved. I am feeling extremely blessed and am still going strong.

Keith gave an interview to Weekend magazine in the year 2020, during which he discussed the factors that contribute to the success of a marriage. The first thing he said was, “Of course, you have to want it to work.”

Two, it requires a great deal of compromise on both sides. The third point is that it requires forgiveness. Some individuals, however, are unable to make it work. I would never pass judgment, but I do believe that there are occasions when individuals give up too easily. Leaving is a simple thing to do. It’s more difficult to do so.”


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