Kylie Jenner wore a revealing lace catsuit to the Golden Globes


At the 2024 Golden Globes, Kylie Jenner elected not to walk the red carpet but rather to sneak about the event, where she went (largely) unobserved. This was most likely due to the fact that she was wearing a stealthy black kitten suit made of lace.

During the event, Jenner accompanied her boyfriend Timothée Chalamet, who was nominated for the award for best performance by a male actor in a motion film (comedy or musical) for his work in Wonka. Chalamet was also a nominee for the award.

Even though they did not walk the carpet together, the couple was sat next to each other during the ceremony.

During the course of the ceremony, they kissed, canoodled, snuggled, and caressed each other. (The fact that they did so in a room that was already packed with members of the Hollywood press makes me question why they didn’t just walk the red carpet together, but I’m getting off topic.)

Although it was challenging to get a decent glimpse at Kylie’s costume, I am confident that she will grace the timeline with a comprehensive behind-the-scenes photograph at some point in the future.

Kylie Jenner wore a revealing lace catsuit

Based on what we were able to observe, the sheer lace ensemble included long sleeves, a low back, and a scoop neck. The 26-year-old woman matched it with a casual updo and makeup that was unusually simple.

Jenner did not wear any jewelry in order to maintain the minimalistic look she was going for. Chalamet, after all, had the opportunity to shine tonight, and he did it in a black sequined blazer that was a perfect compliment to his outfit.

It’s possible that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have reached the point in their relationship where they are dressing like each other because they both have that effortless French quality about them.

The glitter factor has been amplified by Timmy, while Kylie has embraced the natural look… A cooperation between Kylie Cosmetics is the next step, right? Kris, if you are reading this, please know that it was a joke.)


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