Lamar Jackson and Ravens beat Texans 34-10 in the second half to reach AFC final game


BALTIMORE — On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Houston Texans by a score of 34-10, advancing to the AFC championship game. Lamar Jackson scored two touchdowns via the air and on the ground, and the Ravens were able to pull away in the second half of the game.

Jackson, who had one of the most productive rushing days of the season, assisted the Ravens (14-4) in taking control of the game in the third quarter, after the teams had started the half tied at 10.

Through his 15-yard scoring run, Baltimore was able to maintain their lead. Despite the fact that C.J. Stroud had a strong and composed first half for Houston, the Texans (11-8) were eventually unable to convert enough promising drives into points against an excellent defense from the Ravens.

According to Jackson, “They inspired us to go and put points on the board.” They are preventing an opposing squad, which is a very good club as well as being headed by an outstanding quarterback.

When it comes to our defense, there are moments when we are successful and others when they are not, and tonight it was them who started the momentum.

The American Football Conference championship game will now be played in Baltimore for the first time since January 1971, when the Colts defeated the Oakland Raiders on their route to winning the Super Bowl championship.

This will be the fifth time since the Ravens have been in Baltimore that they have participated in the semifinal round of the playoffs. The victor of the game between Buffalo and Kansas City that will take place on Sunday will be their opponent.

“You know, it’s just the first playoff game we got past, finally in the AFC championship,” Jackson said. “It’s just the first game we got past.” “So, there is still a lot of work to be done.”

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens have been plagued by the events that transpired in the playoffs four years ago. At that time, the Ravens had a record of 14-2 during the regular season, but they were defeated by Tennessee in their first postseason game.

Houston did enough to cause some uneasiness, particularly when Steven Sims returned a punt for a touchdown and Jackson struggled with the blitzing Texans defense. Both of these episodes occurred throughout the game.

Jackson, however, led Baltimore to a score on a rush up the middle on the first possession of the second half. The run covered a distance of 55 yards and took six plays. Then, early in the fourth quarter, Isaiah Likely scored a touchdown throw of 15 yards, bringing the score to 24-10.

Lamar Jackson and Ravens beat Texans 34-10

After scoring his final score on a run of eight yards with six minutes and twenty seconds remaining in the game, Jackson continued to run right into the tunnel that was located in that particular corner of the field.

The Texans’ offense against the Ravens did not score a touchdown in the 120 minutes that they played against them this season. Sims’ return was the only touchdown that the Texans scored. In the first game of the season, Houston was defeated by Baltimore by a score of 25-9.

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of Jackson’s second Most Valuable Player award is the fact that he carried for 821 yards during the regular season. One time, however, he ran for more than one hundred yards on the ground. He made 11 efforts on Saturday to run for exactly one hundred meters.

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That score by Likely, which gave the Ravens some breathing distance, was the result of a bootleg that went for 14 yards on fourth-and-1 near the middle of the field.

At the same time, Jackson threw for 152 yards. It was the second time in five starts that he has won a game in the playoffs.

Despite the fact that Stroud threw for 175 yards and did not suffer a single sack against a formidable defensive front from Baltimore, the Texans fell to a record of 0-5 in the divisional stage of the playoffs. They are the only franchise in existence that has not yet competed in a contest for the conference championship.

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The Ravens finished the season with the most sacks in the National Football League, but it was Jackson who was put under pressure in the first half of the game because Houston got three sacks on him.

Two of those sacks occurred in rapid succession in the last minute of the second quarter, following a field goal that was missed by Baltimore, which provided the team with a solid field position.

The Texans were held back throughout the whole day by penalties, and they ended up with 11 for 70 yards. After Justin Tucker kicked a field goal from 53 yards out to start the scoring for Baltimore, Houston appeared to be on its way to scoring points of its own.

However, the Texans were unable to score because of two false starts and an intentional grounding call.


TEXANS – The Houston Texans have every reason to be pleased with their ascension this season, which included winning the AFC South championship and destroying Cleveland in the first round of the playoffs. Given that Stroud is the quarterback, the future appears to be bright.

The Baltimore Ravens are just one victory away from making their first appearance in the Super Bowl in eleven years. During the most of the regular season, the Ravens did not play either the Bills or the Chiefs.


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