When did Love Island’s Molly and Callum break up? Details examined


Following the conclusion of Love Island’s winter season, Molly and Callum made headlines as they were one of the few couples to remain together during the course of the competition. In September of 2023, after dating for three years, they decided to end their relationship, which once again made news.

Recently, on January 15, Love Island: All Stars made its debut with a roster that included all of the most popular contestants from past seasons of Love Island. Due to the fact that both Molly and Callum featured as singles in the most recent season of the popular reality program, the internet was once again blown away by their appearance.

Following the revelation that Molly was a bombshell at the time that Callum was trying to choose a participant to pair with, the season premiere that was shown on ITV at four o’clock Eastern Time (ET) ended the episode on a cliffhanger.

Yearlong friendship between Molly and Callum after Love Island

Callum Jones was one of the original cast members of the Valentine’s Day edition of Love Island, which was shown in the year 2020. Shaughna Phillips was the first person he was paired with before Molly was brought into the picture. Molly Smith was presented as a shocking revelation at the point in the season when the twist of Casa Amor was about to take place.

It didn’t take long for Molly and Callum to develop feelings for one another, and Callum eventually left his girlfriend Shaughna in order to follow his new love interest. Despite the fact that the transfer placed Shaughna in total devastation, it ended up being beneficial for the marriage.

It appears that he was unaware at the time that his slow speed would be a factor in the separation from Molly that he would eventually experience in the future when he commented.

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On the other hand, It was claimed by The Sun in September 2023 that they had broken up. Callum is now responsible for the maintenance of their pug, Winnie, after he moved out of the property they shared. Nelly, their Pomeranian, was kept by Molly at the time.

According to insiders close to the pair, the reason they split up was because Molly wanted to get engaged but it did not happen.

This information was provided to DailyMailUK. The fact that they are friendly suggests that they may have been aware of each other’s participation in the new all-stars season, which has become a matter of controversy among fans.

Who are Love Island season 6’s Callum Jones and Molly Smith?

Callum Jones, who lives in Manchester, United Kingdom, and was born on May 8, 1996, is currently 27 years old. Up until the time when he appeared on the winter version of Love Island, he was employed as a scaffold employee.

In the years leading up to his emergence as a reality star, Callum initially rose to prominence on Instagram for his modeling photographs. He appears to be a travel and cuisine fanatic, according to his Instagram account.

Molly Smith, who is thirty years old, is also from Manchester. The 9th of September, 1993 was the day she was born, and she has been modeling ever since before the show. As of right now, she is a fashion influencer who endorses a number of different brands. In order to share stuff that is linked to fitness, she uses a separate Instagram username.

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It has been announced that Love Island All-Star will take place at a luxurious villa in South Africa, adding yet another exotic site to the collection of heavenly settings that the show has previously shot at. Maya Jama, a former host at the BBC who achieved fame on the internet, is the one who hosts it.

There were a variety of reactions to the awkward pairings that were featured in the launch of Love Island, which featured fan favorites from previous seasons of the show coming together to find love again.


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