Magnitude-4.6 The Malibu earthquake shakes Southern California from coast to interior


The earthquake, which measured 4.6 on the Richter scale and occurred northwest of Malibu, triggered extensive shaking that was felt early on Friday afternoon across Southern California, from the coast to the interior.

The earthquake was detected just before two o’clock in the afternoon near the Santa Monica Mountains, approximately seven miles to the northwest of Malibu. In the same region, during the span of one hour, there were reports of over a dozen aftershocks, the most significant of which were magnitudes of 3.0 and 2.7.

In addition, the chance that the earthquake was a precursor to a more significant seismic event is fast diminishing over the course of time, as stated by Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist. “It’s got a very robust aftershock sequence,” she observed.

Magnitude-4.6 The Malibu earthquake shakes Southern California
On Friday, February 9, 2024, NBC4 meteorologist David Biggar compares earthquake foreshocks, mainshocks, and aftershocks. (Photo: The Hindu)

Shaking was observed by a large number of persons across the greater Los Angeles area, maybe as many as 12 million individuals. Inland regions such as the San Fernando Valley, downtown Los Angeles, Riverside, Irvine, and Anaheim were among those that experienced the earthquake.

It was felt throughout the beaches of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, including the South Bay and Long Beach.

It was also reported that several areas in the north of San Diego County experienced a moderate to light shaking.

At the time, Marla Dailey was working in a dentist clinic in Thousand Oaks when she began to experience shaking.

Photo: NBC

According to Dailey, “It was a significant jolt.” Every single one of us understood what was going on. They proceeded with the dentistry after determining that the patients were in good health. There is always a little bit of anxiety involved.”

There were no reports of serious damage that were received immediately. Following an earthquake of greater magnitude, the Los Angeles Fire Department was carrying out a damage survey, which is something that is considered usual protocol.

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There was no tsunami that was triggered, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center of the United States.

According to Jones, not only are there a number of earthquake faults in the region, but it is possible that the earthquake occurred on the Malibu Coast Fault, which is a fault that extends along the shoreline in the Santa Monica Mountains.

In close proximity to the neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades, Westwood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica is where the fault can occur. Its easternmost point is where the Santa Monica Fault is located.

It is on the same date as the devastating earthquake that occurred in San Fernando in 1971, which measured 6.5 on the Richter scale. This historic earthquake resulted in the deaths of scores of people, inflicted property damage worth more than $500 million, and sparked concerns about the possibility of a dam collapse that may have catastrophic consequences.

The foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, which are located to the north of Los Angeles, were the location where the earthquake began, but it was felt over a significant portion of the San Fernando Valley.


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