MatPat Is Leaving YouTube, According to an Announcement


The developer of Game Theorists, MatPat, has declared that he will no longer be posting videos on YouTube. 

MatPat, whose real name is Matthew Patrick, just released a new video with the title “Goodbye Internet.” In the video, he announced that the 9th of March would be the final day that he would be hosting his YouTube empire, and that he would be “handing off the channels to someone else.”

“I always wanted to go out on a high note,” he stated in the video. “For me, and my journey in this place, I always wanted to go out on a high note.” It is no exaggeration to say that this year has been the best year in the history of the Theorist, when you take a moment to reflect on the last year.

Together with his wife Stephanie, MatPat established Game Theorists in 2011 as a forum for the discussion of the mythology and the most outlandish hypotheses that are associated with popular video games.

The popular YouTuber eventually developed a number of spin-off channels, some of which include Film Theorists, Food Theorists, and Style Theorists. It is estimated that the gaming channel alone has collected 18.4 million subscribers as of the month of January.

MatPat was the host of the Streamy Awards in the previous year, and the event had 15 million views across all digital media in its first 48 hours of being available.

After surpassing the previous record of 9.7 million views established in 2021, the awards ceremony of 2023 accomplished the feat of being the most watched show in the event’s thirteen-year existence.

Due to the fact that he had been putting his profession ahead of his family for more than a decade, MatPat stated in his goodbye video that he desired to spend more time with his family.

When MatPat was asked about it, he stated, “We knew that honestly, we didn’t want to do this forever.” Despite the fact that I enjoy overthinking things and theorizing, I do not enjoy staying up late. I love you, but I do not enjoy staying up late.

“I long for the days when I could simply sit down on the couch with [Stephanie] and play video games, and it’s not for content,” he continued. “I miss those days.” It’s also possible that I’m just playing a game, and I’m not giving any thought to the theories that are going to emerge from that. I long for it.


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