Michelle Mone confessed to lying and stands to earn from £60m PPE contract


A former Tory peer named Baroness Mone has stated that she lied and lied again, and she has also admitted that she stands to benefit from a profit of sixty million pounds over a personal protective equipment deal during the height of the Covid crisis.

In a public statement, she expressed her regret for publicly denying any connection to the company that is the subject of the investigation being conducted by the National Crime Agency.

Nevertheless, a defiant Baroness Mone continued by saying, “I honestly do not see there being a case to answer.” I am unable to comprehend what it is that we have done incorrectly.

She asserted that she was not attempting to “pull the wool” over anyone’s eyes with regard to the matter, and that she and her husband had been made scapegoats for the situation.

In an interview with the Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show on the BBC, she stated that the charges regarding their income from personal protective equipment (PPE) had “destroyed” her life, despite the fact that “we’ve only done one thing, which was lie to the press to say we weren’t involved.”

Her statement was that it was “not a crime,” and she went on to say that “no one deserves…”

Both parties confessed that they had gained a profit of approximately sixty million pounds, which was equivalent to thirty percent of the total amount of the deal. On the other hand, she disputed that she had used the money to purchase a yacht and stated that the cash was her husband’s investment.

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She spoke up and stated, “It’s not my money, and it’s not my yacht.” The cash in question belongs to my spouse, and it is comparable to the situation in which my father would bring his paycheck home on a Friday evening and hand it over to my mother.

That means that she is also benefiting from that, but the cash in question is not mine, nor is it the cash that belongs to my children. There is a possibility that I will be a beneficiary, along with his children and my own children, in the event that my spouse passes away before I do for some reason.

On the other hand, she claimed that she would only receive nothing if he divorced her.

Baroness Mone looked to fight back tears in a video about the case, which was funded by the corporation that was at the center of the scandal. The stunning interview took place a few days after the film was released.

After the fact, two prominent specialists who were included in the movie have come out to state that they would not have participated in the project if they had been informed of its focus or funding.

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As a result of her recommendation to ministers, the government awarded PPE Medpro contracts to supply personal protective equipment that were worth more than two hundred million pounds.

Wes Streeting, a member of the Labour Party, responded to the interview by harshly criticizing those individuals who, according to him, had tried to “make a quick buck at someone else’s expense” during the Covid crisis.

He stated that his party’s message is “We want our money back” and that anyone who may have committed wrongdoing should not be concerned because they will be found. He was referring to the plans that Labour has for a Covid corruption commissioner in the event that it wins the next election.

Baroness Mone was criticized by a number of other guests who were on the program.

The actor Brian Cox, who plays the role of Succession, was quoted as saying, “To take advantage of a situation like that – there is something appalling about that.”

In reference to Ms. Mone’s assertion that she had lied in order to protect her family from the intrusion of the press, Susannah Reid of ITV stated, “She believes that she is the victim because of the press intrusion… She does not appear to understand how sensitive this is for people, which is a truly astonishing thing.

Concerning the so-called “VIP lane” contracts, the Conservative peer and Ultimo bra tycoon has been at the center of the scandal on multiple occasions.

She has denied on multiple occasions that she had benefited financially from the transaction, which she initially discussed with other ministers of the government, including Michael Gove.

However, she stated to the BBC: “If one day, if God forbid, my husband passes away before me, then I am a beneficiary, as well as his children and my children, so yes, of course.”

Since then, the Department of Health and Social Care has initiated procedures for breach of contract regarding the agreement that was made in 2020 for the provision of prom dresses.

There were millions of gowns that were delivered by the corporation, but the health services never used any of them.

It has been asserted by Lady Mone, who was elevated to the status of peer by Lord David Cameron in 2015, that she is being used as a scapegoat for the failures of the administration regarding Covid.

The assertion that her husband, Doug Barrowman, was asked by a government official if he “would pay more money for the NCA investigation to be called off” was also reiterated by him over the course of the interview.

When asked why he did not report the claim to the authorities, he responded by saying, “I take the advice of my legal team, and the legal team at that point in time suggested that we park that one for now.”


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