‘The White Lotus’ Actor Milos Bikovic Defended By Serbia After Ukraine Charged Him With Supporting Russian Genocide


As a result of Ukraine’s criticism of HBO’s decision to cast the Russian sympathizer in The White Lotus, Serbia has come to the support of its own countryman Milos Bikovic.

Anger has been sparked in Kyiv as a result of the fact that the Ukrainian government has developed a social media video accusing Bikovic of supporting Vladimir Putin’s war. Bikovic is scheduled to portray a health guru in Mike White’s hit series.

There has been no reaction from either Bikovic or HBO over the footage, which makes it quite evident that the actor has become a citizen of Russia and that Putin personally presented him with a cultural medal.

Bikovic is considered to be one of the most acclaimed performers that Serbia has ever produced, according to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which stated that the charges that he was a genocide apologist were “unfounded.”

According to the Serbian news agency Tanjug, the government issued the following statement: “We emphasize that the claims by the Ukrainian side are unfounded as Milos Bikovic is, above all, one of the most popular and the most talented Serbian actors of his generation who, despite his young age, has already left a mark in Serbian as well as international cinema.”

There were comments made by Bikovic from interviews that were featured in the Ukrainian video. It would indicate that he is in favor of Russia’s seizure of Crimea, which served as a precursor to the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 when it was carried out.

Because he has visited the peninsula on several occasions, including for work, Ukraine has placed him on a list of those who are not permitted to enter the country in 2019.

It would appear that he has not made a public declaration that expresses his support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for political reasons. Almost immediately after the invasion, he released a survey on Twitter (now X) that revealed that the level of faith in Putin was higher than that of Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


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