Nardo Wick slams his team after two beat a 20-year-old fan unconscious as he requested a photo ‘with his favorite artist’


A fan was savagely beaten by two members of the rapper Nardo Wick’s crew when the fan asked for a photo. The rapper has denied any participation in the incident, and the Tampa police department is currently searching for the suspects.

After being violently assaulted by the 21-year-old rapper’s companions, George Obregon Jr., who is 20 years old, was taken to the hospital in critical condition, diagnosed with a severe concussion and bleeding from the brain. His family has stated that he is currently in critical condition.

According to the police, the concertgoer approached Wick, whose actual name is Horace Bernard Walls III, at approximately 1.15 a.m. on Monday, following his performance at the Club Skye in Tampa, Florida.

In his response to the claims, Wick claimed that he had nothing to do with the assault of the fan and that he has provided assistance to the fan’s family. He did this by posting a message on his Instagram stories.

“The situation that occurred is not something I support, and I was completely unaware of the situation that was about to take place,” the speaker said. Wick stated, “As soon as it occurred, I made an effort to de-escalate the situation, and after the situation, I got in touch with his mother, and I told her that I would do anything to make it up to him as a fan.”

It was stated by the rapper that he is not attempting to prevent the family from filing a lawsuit, but rather that he is truly concerned about him and his family.

“I do not tolerate that at all. Not only was that not cool, but it was also not kingpin. All of my admirers are appreciated, and I extend a warm welcome to them. As soon as the event took place, I was a complete and utter rage.

In an effort to make amends to him as a fan, I reached out to his mother and attempted to get in touch with his family before anything was publicized. I promise that something like to that will never occur again, and I will make sure that it does.

In addition, Wick had earlier written, “I do not condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any way, shape, or form. I expressed to him and his mother how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him, and I did so multiple times before anything was even posted or on the internet.”

“I am unable to control the actions of another adult male; I had no idea that particular event was going to take place, and I was furious when it did.”

I tried to stop it, as you can see in the video, and if anybody got the lengthier video, you can see how angry I was. I respect and appreciate all of my fans, and I don’t condone what happened in any way, shape, or form. That s**t really isn’t cool or gangsta in any way.

In the video of the assault, Obregon can be seen walking in the direction of the rapper and his group. However, he is then delivered a sucker punch by one of the men, which causes him to collide with a brick wall.

During the time that Obregon looks to be too surprised or pained to move, another member of Wick’s entourage hits him multiple times. At the same time, Wick calls out to the individual to “chill.”

After that, Obregon is shown falling to the ground and hitting his head on the pavement. At the same time, Wick is seen removing the assailant from him.

According to a statement made by a representative of Wick to on Tuesday, “The narrative about body guard or security is completely misleading.”

The manager of Wick, who goes by the name Qown Wick, commented further, saying, “They are not directly affiliated with Nardo.”

During the time that they were asking the public for assistance in locating the two criminals, the Tampa police department released pictures of them.

The Tampa Police Department requests that anybody who may have information that could be of assistance call them at 813-231-6130. Alternatively, you can provide an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay, Inc. at 800-873-TIPS (8477) or by using the TIP411 app.

Despite Wick’s public reaction and condemnation, his followers have criticized him for not doing enough to stop the assault that was taking place in front of him during the time that his little fan was being assaulted.

One individual wrote, “But you stood there and did nothing,” and they meant it.

An additional individual said, “Disgusting crew,” while a third individual cautioned, “That lawsuit is not going to be pretty.”

Unless you can demonstrate that everyone else is wrong, I do not believe that you did. “Shame on you and your bodyguards,” stated another in a straightforward manner.

Angry members of the young man’s family have gone to social media in order to urge that Obregon be brought to justice.

“My son never displayed any signs of aggression, and she never showed any indication that she was intending to cause harm!!!” My son wanted a silly picture with his favorite artist!!!! He wanted to take a picture with him.

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That is exactly what he is going to get!!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to even consider the different ways in which this may have gone!!!! Michelle Obregon, Obregon’s mother, posted a story on Facebook.

She continued by saying, “As a mother, I am pleading with you to assist in obtaining justice for George Obregon Jr.” It is common knowledge that my son is the kindest and most gentle child in the history of the world.

There are no gangs, drugs, or alcohol allowed! Now that I am here, I am going to die, and the pain in my heart is so excruciating that I am sick to my stomach. I am unable to maintain my silence.


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