NBA Player Draymond Green gets an indefinite suspension for hitting Jusuf Nurkic


SAN FRANCISCO – Wednesday was the day when the National Basketball Association (NBA) made the announcement that Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green will be punished indefinitely for hitting Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic in the face during the Suns’ loss on Tuesday night.

It was less than twenty-four hours after the event that Joe Dumars, the Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations for the league, made the announcement that the player would be suspended.

“This outcome takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts,” the league stated in a statement released after the decision was made.

NBA Player Draymond Green

After hitting Nurkic in the third quarter of Tuesday’s game in Phoenix, Green was ejected from the game and issued a flagrant two penalty for his actions. In the end, the Warriors were defeated by a score of 119-116.

Green was placed in a headlock after a confrontation with Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota Timberwolves in November, which led to the suspension. The ban comes less than a month after the incident. Because of this, Green was subject to a five-game suspension.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) issued a statement in which it stated that Green would be required “to meet certain league and team conditions” before he could return to playing.

Green is the active player with the most ejections in the NBA, having been ejected from 18 games throughout the course of his career.

Even before the decision was made to sentence Draymond Green to an indefinite suspension, the expulsion that he received the night before was a source of intense discussion among Warriors supporters.

In spite of the fact that supporters have expressed their affection for Green, they are now at a stage where they cannot simply brush this matter aside and claim that it is simply Draymond being Draymond once more.

On Wednesday, the Mota brothers were seen at Ausiello’s in downtown Santa Rosa, where they were enjoying a variety of beverages and cuisine. Additionally, they have viewed the footage of Green striking Nurkic on multiple occasions.

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“That was the tipping, nail in the coffin for me.” According to Vincent Mota.

Vincent expressed his difficulty in accepting the fact that the strike was not malicious. “You may have oversold it,” he explained. Not even close to being accurate. A number of other things could have happened to you, including falling forward. Is that haymaker 360 degrees? Simply put, no.”

Green has been referred to as the guy who provides the club with the physicality and intensity on defense, and he has been nicknamed the heartbeat of the squad. Over the course of this season, he has not consistently given that spark.

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The statement made by Alex Mota was as follows: “When he was playing well, I didn’t really mind his behavior, right? But here’s the thing: he hasn’t been playing very well for a considerable amount of time.

As a result, some fans are finding themselves contemplating the unthinkable.

Alex went on to say, “He had a lot of opportunities.” Repeatedly, he lets it go. He has a tendency to talk a lot, but as of late, he has not been able to back up his claims. I’m sorry, I really like the guy, but it’s time for us to go on. If he can’t back it up, then I’m disappointed.

Green is expected to return from his suspension this time as a different person, and there is hope that this will happen. Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers are currently three games below.500 as of Wednesday night, many believe that it is still early enough in the season for the team to turn things around.

“We still have the second half to go, so until then, we’ll see,” Vincent remarked.

On Thursday evening, the Warriors (10-13) will play their next game, which will be away from home against the Los Angeles Clippers.


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