Packers’ win over Lions highlights Jordan Love and offense’s growth


The offensive performance that Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers turned in against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving was a far cry from the performance that they turned in against the Lions in Week 4, which demonstrates the development and strides that this young team has made, particularly in recent weeks.

After his team’s 29-22 victory, Love stated that they would “continue to work each week.” “Of course, we are aware that it is not going to be completely satisfactory, but there has been significant progress. However, we continue to put in that work each week in order to establish that chemistry.

Simply told, Love delivered an outstanding performance this time around. He was successful with 22 of his 32 pass attempts, averaging 8.4 yards per throw, and threw no interceptions while scoring three touchdowns. Love is still passing the ball around to a wide variety of teammates, as seen by the fact that eight different players have been targeted at least once.

Malik Heath was a good replacement for Dontayvion Wicks, while Jayden Reed kept making big plays, and Christian Watson played his finest game of the season.

As a point of reference, during Week 4, Love completed 23 of 36 passes for an average of 6.8 yards per attempt. He threw one touchdown pass and two interceptions. However, those Week 4 data do not provide a whole picture of what happened.

By the time the Lions had tallied 24 points on the board during that particular week, the Green Bay offense had only run 11 plays due to the inability of the defense to make any stops and the inability of the offense to avoid going three-and-out on their first several possessions.

Therefore, almost all of that production from Love occurred after the outcome of the game was already decided.

“It definitely feels different,” said Love regarding the current state of the offense in comparison to where it was in Week 4. “However, I believe that it is a necessary step in the process. We are simply going to take things one week at a time. Keeping our attention on the things that we can do each day this week to improve our situation.

When we concentrate on the aspects of our game that need work and when we go out and put in a lot of work during our practices throughout the week, it is easy to see the progress that is beginning to become apparent after each game.

It’s just a credit to everyone turning up to work, keeping committed to the process, and not comparing how things are or aren’t going so far that things aren’t ideal so far. But the most important thing is simply showing up with the mentality that we are going to work, get better, discover ways to become better, and just keep piling on the days.

On Thanksgiving, Love continued to build upon his prior achievements and demonstrated that his performance the previous Sunday against a vulnerable Chargers secondary was not a fluke by picking apart one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Love’s performance came on the same day that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. In the middle of all the mayhem that this Lions defense would bring to the table for their opponents by way of stunts, blitzes, coverage disguises, and varied personnel combinations, Love maintained his composure and made the right decisions.

He took good care of the football, displayed excellent accuracy, and maintained his ability to produce huge plays. Beyond the numbers that Love put up, what makes this performance all the more astounding is the fact that he did so without a run game to lean on. This is what makes Love’s performance so impressive.

During Week 4, the play of the offensive line was a burden for the team, putting quarterback Julian Love under pressure on 48 percent of his dropbacks. However, during this game, the play of the offensive line was the driving force behind Love’s performance.

In contrast to the previous game, in which Love was brought down five times and struck 11 times, he was not brought down at all on Thanksgiving and was only hit four times.

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This gives him the time to go through his progressions and identify the open pass-catcher, and it also gives the receivers additional time to establish separation for themselves. As a result, the offense is more efficient.

In recent weeks, not only has Love’s play been upgraded, but also the play of the offensive line has improved, and the younger pass catchers are appearing more comfortable. We are now witnessing what Kevin Love is capable of doing when there is stability and consistency among the other 10 guys on offense.

While the first half of the season was filled with complete anarchy around Love, now we are seeing what he is capable of doing.

Green Bay’s ultimate objective for the 2023 season was to evaluate whether or not Love had the potential to be the team’s starting quarterback of the future beyond the 2023 and 2024 seasons. Winning games was, of course, always the primary objective for Green Bay.

The requirement of time was something that was always going to be the case; nonetheless, the answer is starting to look more and more like a resounding yes with each passing week. He is able to fill the role.

Regarding the victory on Thursday, Love said, “It’s huge.” It goes without saying that this is a significant game, as it is a conference matchup versus a highly strong Lions club. Therefore, the fact that we were able to come up here, put up the effort that we did, and just win this game is a tremendous deal.

The fact that we were able to come back and win this game with a tremendous performance in all three phases was enormous, and that is simply going to give us that confidence going forward. Obviously, we are all aware of what occurred the first time we faced them, but the fact that we were able to bounce back and win this game is what is going to give us that confidence.


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