The ‘greatest gift’ that will come out of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is what Patrick Dempsey discusses


On Monday, December 18, Patrick Dempsey disclosed that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was a source of motivation for him to pursue a career in medicine.

In addition to gushing about his new title as People’s 2023 Sexiest Man Alive, the former medical drama actor made an appearance on Good Morning America to promote his next picture Ferrari at the same time.

The actor disclosed the following information while discussing the show: “[Grey’s Anatomy] has really inspired so many people to go into the medical profession and has given me the platform to be able to do the Ferrari movie and to be able to have [the title of Sexiest Man Alive].”

Patrick Dempsey

After that, he went on to praise the show for being a phenomenon that had been responsible for a certain level of respect for the profession.

“I think that’s been the biggest gift coming out of that show, is to be able to do something positive and give back.”

In another part of the interview, Dempsey discussed how he came to the decision to build the Dempsey Center after witnessing his mother through the ordeal of ovarian cancer.

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The actor revealed that the Dempsey Center “offers personalized and comprehensive cancer care at no cost” and that its mission is to be “a space where those who are impacted by cancer could find relief, comfort, and resources.”

‘McDreamy’ discussed the need of putting in a lot of hours of study and producing the treatments that are essential when he was referring to the Dempsey center.

The fact that the center takes into account even the most little aspects of the patient was emphasized by him.

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According to the Ferrari actor, “We do not treat the disease; rather, we treat the person holistically with care that encompasses all aspects of their life.”

Our objective is to communicate with all those who have been affected by cancer in the state of Maine, and then to disseminate the information that this is what you need to do in order to supplement the conventional methods of combating cancer, and that it ought to be standardized care.

In the next movie, Ferrari, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 25th, Patrick plays the role of Piero Taruffi, an Italian racing driver, with Adam Driver.


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