Dominic West explains why he accepted Prince Charles’ part in The Crown


The decision to play Prince Charles in The Crown was a rather straightforward one, and Dominic West has provided some insight into the process.

In the fifth and sixth seasons of the Netflix series, which is a dramatization of the British royal family from the 1950s to the early 2000s, the actor, who is 56 years old, made an appearance on screen.

In his role as the prince at the time, West portrayed Charles as he dealt with the aftermath of the untimely death of his ex-wife, Princess Diana, who was played by Elizabeth Debicki. He also dealt with the consequences of his eventual wedding to Camilla, who was represented by Olivia Williams.

While appearing on the episode of The Graham Norton Show that aired on Friday, January 5, West discussed his decision to assume the job of the monarch.

As he began, he made reference to Josh O’Connor’s portrayal of a younger Prince Charles in seasons three and four of The Crown. “There was an enormous pressure on The Crown because it was such a successful show before I went in,” he said. “Josh did such a great job.”

West went on to say, “But at the end of the day, you have to do parts that appeal to you; there aren’t that many that come along.”

It is impossible to say no to a juicy part like that when you have it in your possession. Playing him was a lot of fun since he was so talented.

In his explanation, West stated, “I saw many documentaries on him, including one that he did with Jonathan Dimbleby.”

The conversation is taking place on an aircraft, and he is saying things like, “I don’t do this for my own good, you know – I do this for jolly old Britain.”

“And it was so funny, ‘jolly old Britain,’ because every time I was trying to get some sort of connection with him on set, I would just say ‘jolly old Britain.'” I was a part of it.”

In a previous statement, West had stated that he had acknowledged the fact that it was highly unlikely that he would be awarded a knighthood in the future due to his participation in the program.

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During an interview with BBC Radio, he stated, “I suppose I will have to forego the British Empire Medal that I might have received for services regarding acting.” “It was fine for [Prince Philip actor Jonathan Pryce], who had already been knighted,” the statement stated.

West stated that he had made the acquaintance of Charles before to being cast in the role of the prince, saying, “I have. Because I’ve done some work for the Prince’s Trust, I’ve had the opportunity to stand in line and shake his hand a few times; in other words, it’s not a really intimate relationship.

West, on the other hand, stated that after he assumed the post, “those invitations dried up.”


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