Ryan Gosling’s Cute Golden Globes Reaction Is Just Ken


The fact that Ryan Gosling has been nominated for a Golden Globe is being hailed by him as a victory for the entire Ken-kind community.

During the afternoon of Monday, it was disclosed that the Canadian celebrity was a candidate for the award for Best Supporting Actor due to his work in the critically acclaimed film Barbie.

There are nine nominations for the film, including Best Film (Comedy or Musical), Best Director for Greta Gerwig, and Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy or Musical for Margot Robbie. His nomination is one of the most prestigious awards that will be presented at the ceremony that will take place the following year.

Ryan expressed his excitement, as reported by E! News, saying, “It is a privilege to have your work acknowledged, but for Ken, this is the very first time he has ever been acknowledged for anything, ever!” Not only that, but the fact that it was for supporting Barbie is the highest possible honor.

Ken, whose work is not quite “surf,” has been experiencing a tidal surge of feelings ever since he learned about the Golden Globes. This is because of the fact that the awards are being presented.

Ryan’s initial casting was met with a slightly mixed reaction, which came as a surprise to the La La Land star. This was despite the fact that his performance as Ken received nearly unanimous plaudits from critics.

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During the previous year, he expressed his amazement by saying, “I was surprised how, you know, some people were kind of clutching their pearls about my Ken as though they ever thought about Ken for a second before this occurrence.”

“They never attempted to play with Ken. There is no one that bothers Ken, guy. Despite the fact that he is not even one of the cool ones, he is an accessory.

He went on to say that despite the fact that he considered Barbie to be the “best script” he had ever read, he required some time to take into consideration whether or not he wanted to play the character of Ken.

“Do you know where I found Ken?” he recalls saying. “I walk out into the backyard and I find him.” “Face down in the muck next to a lemon that has been watered down… The statement that I made was, “I will be your Ken because his story needs to be told.”

There has even been talk about a possible Ken spin-off, which director Greta did little to dismiss last week. This is something that has been going on more recently.


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