Sarah Snook says she was “Too Young & Naive” to challenge producer who berated her for eating chocolate cake years ago


On set, Sarah Snook was reprimanded for eating a piece of chocolate cake several years ago, and she has stated that she was “too young and naive” to dispute the producer who had delivered the reprimand.

The Succession star, who is now 36 years old, stated in an interview with the Today program on BBC Radio 4 that she now has a completely different mentality.

She said, “I eat whatever I want, it’s my own body and my own choice.” However, she was in the process of attempting to establish herself in the media industry at the time.

In an interview with The Sunday Times ten days ago, Snook revealed that the producer had criticized her for eating a piece of chocolate cake in front of the cast and crew.

The producer later told Snook, “We don’t really want you because you’re a nobody, but the director and the writer think you’re good for the role.” Neither the producer nor the project has been named by her.

According to what she said to the BBC today, “I was too young and naive.”  “That is the unfortunate situation that occurs when a person who is in a position of authority takes advantage of the situation by mindlessly saying something that could be taken the wrong way and taken on in a certain context that stays with that person for the rest of their life,”

The statement made by Snook comes at a time when an increasing number of performers are feeling emboldened to speak about how they were treated in the beginning stages of their careers.

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In an interview with the BBC last week, Hannah Waddingham, who plays Ted Lasso, revealed that a drama teacher once told her that “she looks like one side of her face has had a stroke.” Meanwhile, Claire Foy, who plays The Crown, revealed that someone gave her the “worst note” she has ever received from a director, telling her to “start acting, darling.”

In the course of a comprehensive conversation, Snook also shared her thoughts on the exclusion of her fellow Australian, Margot Robbie, from the Oscars for her performance as Barbie. This incident has already garnered a great deal of interest in the entertainment industry.

“When I saw the movie, I was so proud of Margot,” said Snook of Barbie. “I was so proud of her.”

“It was my first outing as a new mother, since I was away from my daughter for three hours, and I spent the entire time just crying, and it wasn’t just because of the hormones. As a fellow Australian, I am proud of her, but I am also disappointed for her.

Snook, who was announced as the winner of the Emmy Award for Best Actress for her performance as Shiv Roy in Succession, is currently in London to promote her play The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is being performed on the West End.

In this play, she is portraying all 26 characters, the vast majority of them are male.

She stated that “live theater is for the soul,” and that “there is nothing like live theater.”


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