49ers dominate Seahawks behind Christian McCaffrey


Seattle Seahawks – Running back Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers had just etched his name into the franchise record books once again, and his team had just etched its name into the franchise record books as well with a momentous victory in Seattle against the rival Seahawks.

On the other hand, the postgame meal that McCaffrey got to enjoy on Lumen Field with his teammates was the item that was most on McCaffrey’s mind after his team trounced Seattle 31-13 on Thursday night as he established a franchise mark for the number of rushing touchdowns in a season.

“That was awesome,” McCaffrey remarked after the event. “In addition to that, the turkey was incredibly delicious. I have no clue how they managed to keep all of the food hot, but the turkey turned out incredibly tasty and was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t dry at all, and as I mentioned before, it was still really hot, which was impressive considering it was twenty minutes after the game.

What McCaffrey and six of his teammates accomplished on Thursday night to take control of the NFC West division shone even brighter than the accomplishment of eating hot turkey, which may or may not have been quite spectacular.

To begin, it would appear that the Seahawks have finally been unable to cast the spell that the Niners have been under for the greater part of the past decade and a half. With their victory on Thursday night, the Niners have now beaten the Seahawks in Seattle for two years in a row, which is something the team has never accomplished before in the whole history of the organization.

Since they won by 31 points in 1988, this victory by 18 points was their highest margin of victory in a game played at Seattle.

It was also San Francisco’s 10th consecutive win in the NFC West division and their fourth straight victory (including playoffs) against a Seahawks squad that had won 17 of the previous 21 encounters dating back to 2012. San Francisco’s win also marked their 10th consecutive victory in the NFC West division.

When the Seahawks ate turkey at middle of the newly opened Levi’s Stadium in 2014, it may have been the most upsetting moment for Niners supporters who had been fans for a long time and have vivid memories.

Even if the 49ers don’t have many players who have endured those previous losses to Seattle, it is not lost on them what it means to finally exorcise some of those demons because they know what it takes to finally exorcise some of those demons.

“A win against that team, they play us so hard every single time we play ’em,” said linebacker Fred Warner. “A win against that team, they play us so hard.” “I believe that a win for us, regardless of the final score, is incredibly significant. And it’s a big-time situation that takes place away from home in the division.”

It is not an accident that McCaffrey’s arrival in San Francisco has coincided with the 49ers’ surprising supremacy versus the Seahawks; the two events are directly related to one another.

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McCaffrey has been instrumental in three of those four victories, and he left his mark on Thursday’s game before feasting on postgame food. He played a vital role in all four victories.

McCaffrey completed the game on Thursday with 114 yards and two touchdowns after gaining those yards on 19 carries, in addition to the 25 yards he gained on five receptions.

It was the second touchdown, and it will be featured prominently in the highlight video that coach Kyle Shanahan shows his squad the following week while they are going over the footage.

With 5 minutes and 19 seconds remaining in the first half, McCaffrey took a pitch to the left and looked to cut it inside as he was in first-and-goal position at Seattle’s 8-yard line. While patiently waiting for a crack in the crowd through which he could make his way to the end zone, McCaffrey was confronted by a sea of people.

When it finally (barely) opened, he wriggled through the smallest of spaces, sidestepped a couple of would-be tacklers, and then carried several would-be tacklers into the end zone for the 8-yard touchdown.

It was McCaffrey’s 11th running touchdown of the season, the most ever scored by a 49er in a single season in the history of the franchise, breaking a record with six other players who had previously tied at 10.

It was also McCaffrey’s 16th total touchdown on the season, which leads the league. He now joins Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens as the only 49ers in franchise history to score as many touchdowns in a single year.

Shanahan described the experience as “awesome.” “When I got there, I couldn’t believe it was there… Although the calls did not appear to be ones that should have resulted in a score, he was able to bring it to life.

Since joining the Niners in October of the previous year, McCaffrey has amassed a total of 29 touchdowns from scrimmage. Only Gale Sayers (31) and Steve Van Buren (30) of the Philadelphia Eagles have scored more points in their first 25 games (including playoffs) with a new team in the history of the National Football League.

“He’s a dog,” the quarterback, Brock Purdy, referred to his opponent. “There’s just no telling when he’s going to keep going or how he’s going to get out of something. That he would act in such a way doesn’t really surprise me at all.

But at the same time, I admire those who accomplish things like that. It provides a spark and a boost of energy to the offense precisely when we use it the most.

After Thursday’s victory, however, nobody was quite ready to talk about that confrontation just yet. After all, there was still turkey to consume, and there was reason to rejoice over the win over an old adversary.

“That was a moment I’ll remember forever,” stated Warner after the event. “Going into this game, I obviously wanted us to win because you don’t get to eat turkey if you lose on their field.”


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