Self-love enabled Spencer Barbosa ‘construct’ her dream life: How far will self-hatred get me?


A reminder is being given to fans by Spencer Barbosa to refrain from comparing oneself to others.

The Canadian body-positivity influencer released a striking Instagram post in which she offered a pair of side-by-side photographs that displayed the stark contrast between posed and casual moments in a bikini.

She asked the question in the form of on-screen writing that was superimposed over the photograph. “How far will hating myself get me?”

Spencer Barbosa 'construct' her dream life

“Hating myself led me to constantly doubt myself, compare myself, find myself in unhealthy relationships, and hold myself back from amazing opportunities because I didn’t think I deserved them!” Barbosa wrote in the heartbreaking caption, “Hating myself led me to constantly doubt myself, compare myself, and find myself in unhealthy relationships.”

She pondered how much further she had progressed as a result of her love for herself. In a letter, the content writer stated, “It has assisted me in constructing my ideal life, which includes my ideal career, incredible friendships, and an incredible partner.”

“Stop comparing yourself to others,” Barbosa said, encouraging her fans to embrace their individuality and not compare themselves to others. It is true that you do not resemble her, but it is equally true that she does not resemble you.

This is not a competition based on comparison. There is no doubt that you are unique and will continue to be such. That’s all there is to it.”

She continued by saying, “If you have nothing nice to say about yourself, say nothing.” She was advising her followers to engage in conscious speech with themselves. The privilege of staring at your lovely self in the mirror has just been taken away from you if you are going to stand in front of the mirror and pull yourself apart.

It was pointed out by Barbosa that genuine love for oneself is not something that can be acquired “overnight.”

“It’s gonna be an up and down journey, and get along for the ride!,” she wrote in pencil. The body is yours to keep. You have the option of either loving it or hating it. On the other hand, you will only have one life and one body.

Fans soon came together in support of Barbosa’s comments in the comment area and expressed their gratitude to her for providing the vital lesson.

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An Instagram user said, “You are so inspiring to all women out there, young and old!” in recognition of your accomplishments. “Keep being the amazing woman you are and continue chasing and crushing every dream you set for yourself.”

It was then that another person jumped in and said, “The way this showed up right when I needed it.”

“You are truly an inspiration to me,” an admirer said.

“I love how normal you make me feel and that it’s ok to have the body I have instead of comparing myself to models,” said a different person.

During the month of November, the advocate for self-love posted a personal Instagram reel in which she encouraged her fans to accept and appreciate their shortcomings.

In the beginning of the video clip, Barbosa is heard saying, “I don’t care if I miss. It doesn’t matter to me how many times I go wrong. There is no matter how embarrassing it may be. The fact that others are laughing at me is irrelevant to me. It doesn’t matter to me if I appear repulsive.

There was a time when I was terrified of failure. There was a time when I was terrified of other people making fun of me for doing something that I enjoy. Would you like to discover what is more embarrassing than failing at something? She advised me to “stop trying.” “When you stop trying, that’s embarrassing.”


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